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UNESCO Creative Cities Network x BBuzzArt : How 5 BBuzzArtists create their Worlds

The Creative Cities Network promotes creativity as a strategy of international cooperation and development. Currently, 180 cities have pledged to transform their worlds through the arts. We talked to 5 of our artists to discover how they used art to transform societies.

Radmer Lenasch

A South African artist and his global collaborative art project, Art Go Round.

BBuzzArt Curator

How did you start your Art Go Round project?

Radmer Lenasch

In 2014 while still teaching full-time and painting part-time, I had a strong urge to collaborate with other artists. I began studying the creative process of individuals and encouraged collaborative painting where ever I could. It was like a new creative energy was unveiled for me while conceptualizing, composing, and painting with other artists. It was an energy that my wife, Tatum Robinson and I began to call a Collective Creative Consciousness.

Always Praying
Guru gi
See Level
After the Knight

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