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Yvette Yunyoung Choi – Artist With A Belief of Raw Materials

Yvette Yunyoung Choi, a South Korean artist, uses mixed media to portray the urban jungle she sees as her charismatic home town. After an unforgettable trip to Italy, her very first piece Someday in Particular was created – a striking piece which began her unexpected journey and forever changed her life as an artist. Choi’s “Forest not Forest” series began from her childhood and hometown, an apartment complex in Seoul. She explains how manmade concretes and nature mingle together to create a whole new forest. According to Choi, her “Forest, real Forest” series are the ones she truly enjoyed painting; compared to “Forest, not Forest” series, which Choi plans ahead before she actually starts to paint, “Forest, real Forest” series were something that let Choi take minds off from the reality.
Choi still lives in Seoul with her husband who is an architect.

I really wanted to paint.

by Yvette Yunyoung Choi