BBuzzArt - Discover Future Masterpiece


JAN. 20 - FEB. 2, 2016


BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt's major activities that provides an exhibition opportunity to emerging and talented artists around the world. The exhibition team travels different countries to open a visual arts exhibition by receiving open submissions. It is definitely open to every emerging artists without any location restrictions since BBuzzArt covers the transportation cost of art work.
Why Singapore? We can be politically correct by saying all those bubbly reasons such as "Singapore is a hub for the fast growing art market in South- East Asia" or "there are two major art fairs happening in Singapore during BBuzzShow" or "Singapore is a region where different cultures and minds are mingled and accepted." Well, we all know these facts! But what is the real reason why BBuzzShow is at Singapore? It is because of art loving and passionate people that we met in Singapore! BBuzzArt was very fortunate to be surrounded by supportive, energetic and artistic individuals who made this show possible in Singapore. And they all believe in the vision of BBuzzArt for emerging artists. So, dear artists, it is your turn to show them that their vision is not in vain!


I unfortunately no longer use this platform. Freelance illustration and graphic design. Inspired by light, biology, psychology, intricate line work, phenomenology, the human form and the thinking/feeling self. Media of choice includes graphite, ink, pastel, watercolor and acrylic paint on canvas and various papers.

    Chrisaleks is an artist with multi-cultural backgrounds and is currently working and living in Berlin Germany. Chrisaleks is interested in different medium of art such as photography, painting, drawing and illustration. In her world of art, the materials that she often used are common, mass-produced and extracted things from mundane lives of people in product-diversified socities. The society leaves its mark in many different ways. Art is an answer and gives attention to aspects which might not be perceived consciously. The process in making plays an important role. Changes and progress are the keywords in the 21st century which influence me as an artist. The combination of different materials and images and their clash create dynamic connections that can f.e. criticize or convey playful irony. Mind games are the source of the formation of ideas. Especially photography in the digital age questions if reality is just reality or maybe not. Moments can be captured and could be manipulated. Reality seems fictitious and visionary yet its mysteriousness is preserved.

    I am a Filipino visual artist currently based in Dubai, UAE working as an Head Artist in children entertainment centre. In Philippines, I worked as concept artist at a Dutch design company while practicing visual arts. I learned to do drawings since I could remember. My parents once told me, that before I learned to talk and walk, I already know to do doodles on the walls of our old house in my hometown in Mindoro. My early exposure in formal art training began in 1997 when I become a scholar at Philippine High School for the Arts, Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna. It is an art school for selected talented young people in different fields of art from all over the country. Unfortunately, I made it only two years to study due to an ill health which resulted in my poor school performance. But failures didn’t stop me following my love for art. I graduated from my first college degree in Fine Arts at Technological University of the Philippines, Manila. I am also an undergraduate pursuing sculpture from University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. I know it was fun going back schooling but I find it more adventurous to learn outside my comfort zone. We are all students of life, we have to survive creatively. All of my works have evolved through the years of constant failures and succeeding. I love taking risks and experimenting different mediums and techniques such as working with fabric, collage, drawings, paintings, and my new found freedom, three-dimensional art such as bas relief. I like working in minimal, experimental, and eclectic with few colors on a wide, quiet white space of my canvas. I don’t do plans, like drawing the subject first hand, but I just let my mind work directly on my artwork. I take inspirations from life’s reflections, my advocacies for healing our environment and myself as a woman. My life experiences taught me well about the universe, to be confident and fearless and to believe in the magic of my hands' creations.

    In the midst of escaping anxiety back in the sleepless city of Kuala Lumpur, she picked up a pen and started drawing. Rusty yet passionately, she revived her long forgotten childhood’s most memorable pastime where freedom reigns. Hooked with the whole therapeutic experience that it offers, she decided to pursue her journey and never look back. Clarissa is a self-taught artist from North Borneo, Malaysia.

    Through research and constant habit of exploring, creating and working on visual representations on both ideas and emotions, dreams and constant introspection, making sense of my psyche and the world around me.