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MAR. 4 - MAR. 25, 2016


Fearless, unstoppable, passionate, emotion-full and rational are words suitable to describe the present generation of young artists. They are bold so that no power can stop them from raging
themselves to fulfill their aspiration. They are straight-forward so that the irrationality is beyond their tolerance. They are sentimental romantics so that they literally and mentally write novels
as they read them. Since there is a strong bi-polarity to describe the young generation of artists, sometimes onlookers are puzzled whether we are living in an age of logic or an age of emotion. Perhaps, an age of emotion spurred with dynamic energy would make more sense.


I graduated from the design school in Korea. I worked as a graphic designer, art cuator for several companies. I currently live in Seoul woring as full-time professional artist. My art is intended for some resonances of unfamilar impression using the vibrant color that is to created by the color combination, contrast and structure.

    Korean Artist Address:(residency) 201dong /402ho, Yong Jong ,Kum ho Eoullim Apt.Unseo - dong, Jung - gu, Incheon, Rep of KOREA.

    I studied in University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art and Design with Fine Art major. I lectured in Korea University, SeJong University and Catholic University of Daegu. In the year of 2000, with the start of my first solo exhibition, I showed my artworks through lots of other exhibitions and projects. In 2004, I had my solo exhibition in Chinese Contemporary gallery in Mayfair, London and it was finished with great success. Also I wrote a book which is about my teaching experience called, 'Expression of Emotional Child with Pictures' has been selected as a refinement book in the department of the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism. In 2012, this book has been published in Chinese.

    I have felt that creativity has always been part of my life. In my later years this creativity expanded and i studied architectural design, interior design, graphic design, floral art, yoga, and dance. And as my fascination and passion for art continued to grow, it led me to become almost completely self-taught in different mediums by absorbing what i could from books and informal courses but mainly it has been trial and error. My intimate connection with each of my artworks has educated me how to express my inner-self. It is my lifelong commitment to continuously develop my skills as an artist and to encourage and evoke positivity to those that observe my work. More artworks on my instagram : @niwniw_art

    Hello! I`m Geo, 26, from Sofia, Bulgaria, and i love to create and design. (the more I read the first sentence, the more I think of it as a opening line to a therapy course :) ) I have studied Graphic Design and Advertising in two seperate modules in New Bulgarian University. At the moment I am handing in my thesis in order to get my degree. Thanks to my parents, which are painters, I have been engaged in art and design from a very young age. Proffesionally I`ve been designing for about 7-8 years. Since then I have evolved as a person and artist, created a lot of things, worked for different employers and had many different and interesting subjects to develop. At the begging I was working only in the field of graphic design, but 3D has always been sort of a passion for me. I started learning 3ds max through tutorials and soon I was (at least I tought at that time) good enough to work on real projects. In late 2013 I started working in the field of 3D Printing with two colleagues, as I was the designer in the whole operation. Then with two investors we created 3Dea, a firm for 3D printing offering 3D printing services, 3D printers and etc. For my time there I have created various and numerous 3D prints with water-proof geometry, because this is the only way for a model to be printed without any complications and errors. Every good thing comes to an end sooner or later and we had to close the firm due to disagreement with our partners.

    I am Filipino visual artist born and raised in Indonesia; currently working in Manila, Philippines. My personal works range from graphite drawings to digital art to oil/acrylic paintings. They are manifestations of my inspirations taken from the flow and beauty of nature, the harmony of colors and the aesthetics of traditional cultures, all of which embody my visual poetry of self reflection and human behavior in the form of surrealism. On the side, I work as a freelance artist mostly designing surface patterns and illustrations for various clients and companies. I am currently open to commissions and collaborations, so feel free to contact me. Besides art, I love music, books, pottery, succulents and spices.

    Most of my works are portraits. Every person is a protagonist of his or her own tragic story. The Bar series became the starting point of a lager series of work. Two years ago, I worked at a bar and had to defenselessly face man-anyone from their 20s to 60s - and they are the ones depicted in this series. They included a wide variety of people, such as salaried workers, doctors, shops owners. All of them talked about themselves and complained that they were absolutely unhappy. I had to listen to all kinds of stories. Some were very private, while others made me choke just listening to them. As it went on, I felt as if I were being inundated by their explosive rage and grief. It was like they were ghost and would stay in one corner of the bar with the same slovenly faces even when they went back to work the next day. Even though they had no personalities, they were all similar faces tangled within my mind-and they never left. One day i started to draw them on a memo pad given to me by a daily installment loaner, and the drawings led to paintings. I hated, pitied, and identified with them. I had no choice but to pay attention to them and I've constantly painted people like them since then. These were people going through very ordinary, daily misfortunes. As humans, we need to embrace the ceaseless misfortunes we've experienced in our lives and will also face in the future. Each of us has an absolute and universal tragedy. I find this kind of tragedy in my life and other people, and then collect and gather to paint their portraits.

    "Soft tongue and sharp teeth." Isobel “Iso” Francisco graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a major in Humanities (Literature and Fine Arts) and minor in Japanese Studies. With oil and graphite as her primary weapons of choice, she is also well versed in ink and digital tools. Her liquid flexibility with art styles often takes the shape of the theme and occasion. However, one can also recognize her preference with vivid shades of red, blue, and purple, as well as the piercing expressions of her subjects — often strong, stubborn, and struggling. While a copywriter by profession, she has been participating in various group exhibitions and art events immediately after her debut show in Metro Manila, Philippines in December 2011. Recent Accomplishments: Finalist, Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) 68th Art Competition (Painting category), 2015 Exhibitor, Asia Contemporary Art, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong, 2015 Media Appearances: “Digital Illustrations by Isobel Francisco”, Juxtapoz Magazine, 2014 “10 Filipino Artists You Should Follow on Instagram”,, 2015 "Undisclosed Desires", Scout Magazine, 2015 “Isobel Francisco’s ‘Icarus Smicarus’ at Vinyl on Vinyl”, Chuvaness, 2014 "Art Is", (Season 2 Episode 6), Thinking Man's Classroom “KINTSUKUROI”, Philippine Tatler Homes, 2014 “The visual poetry of Katrina Pallon and Isobel Francisco”, The Philippine Star, 2013 “Art Blooms Again”, Young Star, Lifestyle Features, The Philippine Star, 2013 GMA News: "'Endangered Visions' brings together mindscapes of acclaimed artists", 2014 {m}aganda Magazine, University of California, Berkeley, “Broke” Issue, 2012 “Unusual Finds”, MyHome Magazine, Page 122, 2012 (12th Anniversary) Issue

    1992, born in Seoul Korea. I'm pen & character illustrator and calligrapher. People around me or myself look around for ideas. Recently, not only painting but also other works such as stereoscopic, graphic, and video are being tried. I've been interested in working on light lately, so I've been working alone. About My work - I Think, Pattern is a piece of memory and emotion which has in every people. When people repeat same life, unconscious space is formed. In that area contain people's emotion, memory and experience. Above all, My work focused on people's double-sidedness. Especially, worked about modern human's loneliness. It can be subjected but sometimes theme decided about why people feel lonesomeness. When you want feedback to me please send a E-mail to or Instagram Id : classy.z.yang