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JUN. 16 - JUL. 7, 2016


Just K Waves of Popular Culture? Nay! Gangnam is an artistic quarter filled with galleries, art spaces and artist ateliers. If you visit Gangnam only for shopping and pop culture, then you get to experience the half of this energetic and creative part in Seoul. For BBuzzShow@Gangnam, we are very thrilled to collaborate with CACADEW Art Center. Located in the heart of Gangnam, this emerging art space has been supporting and promoting young artists in Korea. The representatives of CACADEW Art Center is also very excited to invite emerging and talented artists around the world to their space. Through this collaboration between BBuzzArt and CACADEW Art Center, we wish passionate and creative artists have opportunities to receive attentions from the art loving public in Seoul.


I have felt that creativity has always been part of my life. In my later years this creativity expanded and i studied architectural design, interior design, graphic design, floral art, yoga, and dance. And as my fascination and passion for art continued to grow, it led me to become almost completely self-taught in different mediums by absorbing what i could from books and informal courses but mainly it has been trial and error. My intimate connection with each of my artworks has educated me how to express my inner-self. It is my lifelong commitment to continuously develop my skills as an artist and to encourage and evoke positivity to those that observe my work. More artworks on my instagram : @niwniw_art

I work through painting, text, and sporadically something else. I moved to Helsinki in an attempt of going to the most faraway place I could imagine (at the time). Now I am again daydreaming of drifting away to the unsung lands. Being a woman generates many things: body, sex, flowers, childhood, home, decorative art. I am interested in and have been associating with strong female narratives through books and popular culture. The nostalgia I developed since young grew into a desire of 'runaway girls' and now a core of my artistic practice.

is a self taught visual artist from the Philippines. He is an Educator as well as an artist. His preferred choice of medium and style was oil paint and Surrealism. His usually Subject on his artwork was about social issues in our society. He received an award on national painting competition and participated on exhibitions in Philippines

Most of my works are portraits. Every person is a protagonist of his or her own tragic story. The Bar series became the starting point of a lager series of work. Two years ago, I worked at a bar and had to defenselessly face man-anyone from their 20s to 60s - and they are the ones depicted in this series. They included a wide variety of people, such as salaried workers, doctors, shops owners. All of them talked about themselves and complained that they were absolutely unhappy. I had to listen to all kinds of stories. Some were very private, while others made me choke just listening to them. As it went on, I felt as if I were being inundated by their explosive rage and grief. It was like they were ghost and would stay in one corner of the bar with the same slovenly faces even when they went back to work the next day. Even though they had no personalities, they were all similar faces tangled within my mind-and they never left. One day i started to draw them on a memo pad given to me by a daily installment loaner, and the drawings led to paintings. I hated, pitied, and identified with them. I had no choice but to pay attention to them and I've constantly painted people like them since then. These were people going through very ordinary, daily misfortunes. As humans, we need to embrace the ceaseless misfortunes we've experienced in our lives and will also face in the future. Each of us has an absolute and universal tragedy. I find this kind of tragedy in my life and other people, and then collect and gather to paint their portraits.