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MAY. 10 - MAY. 30, 2017


Although BBuzzArt promotes cutting-edge methodology that brings a paradigm shift in the art industry, it treasures traditional values in art and providing an exhibition opportunity to emerging artists is a way of empowering the new and preserving the old.

Thus, under the name of BBuzzShow, BBuzzArt has been traveling around the world in order to open pop-up exhibition. Starting 2014, BBuzzShow opened in NewYork city, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai and Seoul and this May BBuzzArt brings BBuzzShow to Jakarta-Indonesia, a country filled with artistic treasures blossomed by multi-cultural heritages. 14 emerging and talented artists have been carefulluy selected for this exhibition from more than 1,000 submissions. It is the greatest wish of BBuzzArt that the exhibition visitors may have a chance to feel the genuine and unfiltered sprit of time.


i'm indonesian young artist born 1993 in Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia live and work in Semarang , Central Java, Indonesia email : my art practice works sequentially on a set of ideas and themes. in my mind, art is part of memories and emotions which has in everyone. i tried to construct each of these memories become a new perception. my art -which includes drawing, painting, sculpture and installation -has been exhibited in art events across indonesia and abroad. for example at east java biennale (2015) and Respublica: Indonesia Art Award (2015).

Im Indonesian Fine Art Artis email. Born 1992 in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia I majored in fine arts. Now I live and settle in the city of Surabaya. In my artwork I create a lot of exploring a variety of techniques, ranging from drawing, stenciling, screen printing, etc. Similarly, the media that I use, ranging from acrylic paint, markers, spray paints, crayons and Ink. In the creative process, I rammed craftship with expressive elements. Visual style that I use, I try to fuse a variety of visual styles in my work, ranging from elements street art, Naive, Comics Imaginative, abstract, typography, Illustration until Figurative, this I do to avoid the judgment of people on the flow direction my work. I fully endorse what my work is able to be enjoyed by young children to adults. In my work, I try to bang some realistic logic. Starting from the logic of the lighting, the room, to the perspective of an object, this led to my work raises a false illusions. In terms of the depth of the work, I deal about social life. About how the living conditions of the people in the present. Starting as a hope, solidarity, compassion to a Harmony life, and love. GROUP EXHIBITION : 2017 "Unity In Diversity" Special Section BEKRAF ART JAKARTA 2017, Ballroom The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place. Jakarta "Surface", Tunjungan Convex. Surabaya "BBuzz Art Show" Jakarta. Galeria Fatahillah. Jakarta 2016 Central Java Biennale “Kronotopos”, Monod Huis Building, Semarang “Alur”, Lobby Plaza Insan Berprestasi Kemdikbud, Jakarta “BOX”, Artotel Surabaya “Art Akulturasi”, House Of Sampoerna Gallery, Surabaya “Ruang Kecil Bicara”, Prabangkara Gallery, Surabaya 2015 East Java Biennale #6 “ART ECOSYSTEM NOW !”, Emmitan CA Gallery, Surabaya “ART KUDOS 2015 International Competition”, Upstream People Gallery, USA “Nalar|Sensasi|Seni”, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta “ART-CHIPELAGO”, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta “PAMALI”, Artotel, Surabaya “New Aged”, Padmaning Gallery, Surabaya “TRANSFIGURASI”, DKS Gallery, Surabaya “Buah Khuldi”, House Of Sampoerna Gallery, Surabaya “Panjang X Lebar X Tinggi”, Rumah Sore Artspace, Surabaya “Rongminggu Pisan”, Legipait Coffeshop, Batu Malang 2014 “Self Portrait in the creation of painting”, T3 Lt.2 UNESA Building, Surabaya UVART#4 “DELINEATION”, Orasis Gallery, Surabaya “Panjang X Lebar X Tinggi”, Poharin Art Space, Malang “IMPULS” Plaza Desain “, 678 Gallery, Jakarta Mini Art Project#5 “> Kecil”, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung “Lepas Bebas”, Biasa Gallery,Yogyakarta “Simbiosis Mutualisme”, PPG Building, Surabaya 2013 “Surabaya Move On#2”, TBSK (Taman Bermain Serbuk Kayu) Surabaya “Saatnya Kita Beraksi”, Festival Indonesian Youth Conference, Annex Building, Jakarta “Bufallo Gathering#2”, T3 Lt.2 UNESA Building Surabaya

I have felt that creativity has always been part of my life. In my later years this creativity expanded and i studied architectural design, interior design, graphic design, floral art, yoga, and dance. And as my fascination and passion for art continued to grow, it led me to become almost completely self-taught in different mediums by absorbing what i could from books and informal courses but mainly it has been trial and error. My intimate connection with each of my artworks has educated me how to express my inner-self. It is my lifelong commitment to continuously develop my skills as an artist and to encourage and evoke positivity to those that observe my work. More artworks on my instagram : @niwniw_art

I am an artist from Bukittinngi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Creating works of art is as the soul's need, aesthetic experience and representation of the study of urban landsceps around me, which are in abstraction. Flipping through awareness in the face of the subject matter of fantasy, sublimation experience Exhibition 2017: "BBUZZSHOW@JAKARTA" gallery fatahillah jakarta. 2016: "The exhibition MOVE ART # 2" Tahunmas Art Room, Yogyakarta. "Joint Exhibition of the French community" KOI. Jakarta. 2015: "Exhibition 50th SSRIs, SMSR, SMK4 Padang" Padang Cultural Park "Joint Exhibition" SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL. Balai Budaya Jakarta "Joint Exhibition" Jamsostek Indonesia. 2014: "Joint Exhibition" MALL KALIBATA Indonesia. "Joint Exhibition" Hotel Bidakara Indonesia. "JAVANESIA ART # 2" Julia Niland Gallery Jakarta Indonesia. 2013: "Pour les Enfants de la Rue" KOI. Jakarta. "Launching Asdrafi Art Space" Asdrafi Atr Space Yogyakarta Indonesia. "BE THE LIGHT" HOUSE OF D LIGHT Jakarta Indonesia. 2012: "NASIONAL (ist)" MUSEUM BANK MANDIRI Jakarta Indonesia. "ANNIVERSARY EXPRESSIONS" PHILO ART SPACE Jakarta Indonesia. "MASTURBASI" KOI Gallery Jakarta Indonesia. 2011 "Exhibition together.VOLUME" TEMBI Rumah Budaya Jakarta Indonesia. "THE INTERNATIONAL EXPLORE 2011" Malang Public Library Indonesia. 2010: "FEEL THE VIBE" Gallery Ars Longa Yogyakarta Indonesia. "WORK ART PLAY ART" Art House SURYA KARBELA Indonesia. "HERE, THERE & EVRYWHERE" Gallery Ars Longa Jakarta Indonesia. "A (rt) HELLO 2010" Water Blaster Graha Candi Golf. Semarang Indonesia 2009: "Urban Magnet" Philo Art Space Jakarta Indonesia. "Subjects Exspose [s]" Gallery Ars Longa / Pure Art Space Jakarta Indonesia "Let's SpeakTruuth" Building BPPT Jakarta Indonesia. "Joint Exposition" Senayan City Indonesia. 2008: "Hold Position" Gallery Millennium Jakarta Indonesia.

Canadian, but currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia with my husband. Throughout my life, I've always enjoyed looking at art as well as creating art. Recently, I've taken up oil painting as my latest focus. Being born and raised in Malaysia, I am I inspired by cultures all over South East Asia. I love recreating the colourful, detailed patterns seen throughout South East Asian cultures, by adding my own touch to each image inspiring my paintings. I believe that artwork is a great way to express ideas and thoughts. Through my artwork, I hope to showcase the beauty in South East Asian cultures that not everyone may have seen before or appreciate.

Based in Bandung, West Java Indonesia. Louise Henryette was born in Blitar east java 1981. She works a lot with the material used especially junk metal for art installations. For her, painting or drawing is not only question about the coloring on the sheet of paper or canvas but rather to illustrate the behavior of the above finding objects (stones, metal,wall, etc). Wear scrap materials around it constitute prima behavior. Free to express and experiment with nature is a way of being human. Paintings and drawings Louise use a lot of ink, chalk, charcoal, and cerayon.

Bulbing the blub: INVALID URBAN Visual Art Ensemble Some us call it is special passes as a partly of routinity, the Other do as reflection of chain or a kind of machanistic parallel personification of the daily event accustomed by all surficial things. These also see it as an analogy reversed from bubbles hyperbole on major holidays which always presented in excessive with convenience artificial - euphoria. But now for all us all that things seems mediocre. . . like back on a shaft understanding of life, and there is nothing exceptional. Although some question often undermining and have no desire to drifting or debating, but soluble in contortion tidal wave full of glee, build the dreams and the infinitely hope. while awake and mirroring our self., there are us, reflected the shadow: prisoners, unmoved in a puddle of a blinding light of this fuddle-townie life... perhaps this bifurcation hold the same question, a room where a pause-some intermission-now we never pulled over with... just simple momentarily for restin, breathing freely and lay down our body horizontally, or toast together in liveliness or attainment... sharing adventure, shareing our dark and confusing story behalf on our jorney direction ; more in search - or just go home and go in sweat from any time and headed... but indeed we agreed that there are always left some meaning, hidden of all the overflow celebrated inside the story. ART's...// any.. fr us is shared desire pasturing townie over with joy... [ Bla Bla Bla ] such as great - big or a major holidays in life generally often privilaged pause - some intermission, or kind of space interruptions oof daily routine. he may be a accumulation of daily life or otherwise, trace the compensation that an ideal world untouched everyday reality. As sintesa or antitesa. Both extremely might even present at onch like life itself wich often fiiled paradox wich are contains ambivalent and irony.[?] For Invalid Urban bullshiting or even doing experimental with bifurcation, stranger-attractor, fractals, self-organism, feedback loops an other in the process of becoming, is a resource to find best work for dialiging, dialogue-space betwen the " extremist radicalist v/s easyly bored bad tempered idealist" Who feel has stuck in a rut ordinary life. whoever then engaged in a process of gathering idea also the assembling, there is appearing unwirtten agreement that is invalid urban project always offering space of entropy imaination, without binding power excitement for every interpretation of persona wich is turned out loud or secretly; offer uncertainly in joy and flavour and come like welcomingthe solube and merrymaking JACK-IN-THE-BOX. Any work in Invalid Urban is a spacce of celebration, lot of visual sensation offers a joy townie over the unusual, owned by art [artistry space], the other zone where the sky really has no absolute and limit bulkhead called a routine.[?].

born : January 22, 1973 address :jln kecubung gang kemoning no 8 Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia e-mail :romisukadana@yahoo. com whatsapp :081239317171 Graduated ISI (Indonesian Art Institut) Live in Denpasar, Bali Indonesia I am Made Romi Sukadana born in Denpasar Bali Indonesia, since I was a child, I have been happy to see works of art, and began to study painting since I entered elementary school in general, and often participated in child-level painting competitions, learning to paint academically after attending art school ( SMSR) in Denpasar in 1989 until the end of 1993. learning traditional Balinese painting from traditional Balinese painters outside of academics, in 1994 entered the Indonesian art institute in Denpasar Bali and graduated in 1999. I also joined a lot of art groups in Bali , actively participating in joint exhibition events, always taking part in art competitions, in my opinion art is the freedom to create ideas to express a sense of art to any media that can produce art. without being bound to a material not bound to one style or stream of art the most important thing is to be able to put the character of the soul into the artwork that I created. in my artwork I like to paint with bright colors by raising themes that are in the environment around us by giving artistic touches to the artworks.

Mutiabunga is a Balinese artist based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Born on the 13th January 1995 in Denpasar, Bali. She study Fine Art at Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. Mutiabunga had been involved in some fine arts competition from childhood to senior high school and exhibition groups in Bali and Yogyakarta. Her work based on concept of sense of the body. Sense of body by which it lift about gestures daily in the context of erotic. In her idea, Mutiabunga dares to making works about erotica but most were still a little taboo in the neighborhood residents who preferred erotica same to pornography. Body is remarkably steal attention on her angle, because language spoken not ensure the truth absolute. But in technical, Mutiabunga using distortion and abstraction visual. Experience erotic gestures is largely was the result of her observations against behavior and lifestyle of the society and doesn’t cover the possibility of the experience feels herself. Mutiabunga trying to observe the body gestures that will bring new ideas to draw. In the practice, she also think how to get artistic vibes in order to bring up the effect an erotica experience. For now she is still exploring more in two dimension, but she isn’t closing it is likely to try in three diemnsions even the four dimensions. ART EXPERIENCE Awards: 2016: - Big 10 Finalist “AVERLAND Camp” Sampoerna Yogyakarta Regional. 2014: - Winner Caricature competition, In the framework of celebrating the Independence Day, Bali Post, Denpasar. 2013: - Winner Caricature competition AKA IKM Medical Faculty, Udayana University, Denpasar. 2012: - Nominated Mural competition PETRA University, Surabaya. - 3rd place Social Class Program the Academic Year 2012/2013 SMA NEGERI 1 Denpasar. 2011: - Winner Painting Competition Pekan Seni Remaja Denpasar. - Winner Painting Competition PORSENI ( Pekan Olahraga dan Seni ), the Inter-High School of Bali Province. - 3rd place Social Class Program the Academic Year 2011/2012 SMA NEGERI 1 Denpasar. - Big 5 Bali Province Finalist, Accounting Olympic, Airlangga University Surabaya. 2010: - Runner Up of Painting Competition Pekan Olahraga dan Seni (PORSENI), the Inter-Middle School of Bali Province. - 3rd place Caricature Competition, Rudana Museum, Ubud, Bali. - Winner Caricature Competition the Inter-High School of Bali Province, Mahendradatta University, Bali. Exhibitions: Solo Exhibition: 2016: “Unseen Behind the Cover”, Final exam semester, Fine Art Department, Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. Group Exhibitions: 2016: “Aksi Artsy”, bersama komunitas Tulang Rusuk, Galeri R. J. Katamsi, Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta. 2015: “Dunia Yang Dilipat”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta. “Politics”, Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta. “Arthology”, Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, ( catalog ). “Reflection”, Warung Tempong Desa Kesenian Kasongan, Yogyakarta, ( catalog ). “E-Lips”, Martin Cafe, Yogyakarta, ( catalog ) “Kampusku Hitam”, Galeri Perjuangan ISI Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta. “Petrichor”, Wangi Artroom//Kedai Koppi Bell, Yogyakarta, ( catalog ). Curator : Gama Marhaendra. “Neo Mooi In(die) Bali”, Indieart House, Yogyakarta, ( catalog ) Curator : I Gede Arya Sucitra. 2014: “Pameran Nasional II Komunitas Lukis Cat Air Indonesia “Indonesian Spirit in Watercolor”, exhibition, Bentara Budaya Bali, Bali, ( catalog ). Curator : Handogo Soekarno, Agus Budiyanto, Efix Mulyadi. “Datang Bulan” exhibition, Komunitas Tulang Rusuk, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, ( catalog ) 2012: “Miscellaneous Art” exhibition, HUT ke-52 SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar, Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar, Bali, ( catalog ) 2008: “Children’s Painting Exhibition collaboration Between Indonesia-Japan” Neka Art Museum, Ubud, Bali, ( catalog ). “Care Appreciation” exhibition, Karang Bali Artist Community, Gallerita Art Gallery & Restaurant, Bali, ( catalog ).

Jakarta born and raised graphic artist. Interested in digital drawing and collage since 2009. Using the image of woman as most of main object to represent my own desires and thoughts. I don’t need to show consistency in my artworks because this life is pretty inconsistent, and I have no interest to please people with some consistent artworks. Sometimes it’s sunny sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I’m happy sometimes I’m depressed. Sometimes I have all these imaginations and emotions and dreams and questions and hopes and sexual desires waiting to be expressed through art, but sometimes I just get bored. And I have explored lots of mediums to finally feel comfortable with digital collage and painting (i will always come back to paper and ink eventually)

*About the Artist (RJP): I’m a young contemporary artist who was born in 1991 from Sragen - Central Java, Indonesia. I'm living and working in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Currently I’m still active as art student. My art including painting, drawing, illustration and couture. But I more intense work in the medium of canvas. I often work with oil and acrylic paint on canvas. My visual instrumentation tend to work technical and progressive. My art is more commonly known by using multiple techniques of painting such as multiple techniques combined in one work, or can be called the "Hybrid-Technique". I’m a conceptual visual artist. My idea started from empirical experience and I developed with intensive research. The themes of my works are always talking about the physical nature spiritualism, science-technology and eco-phenomenology issues, now-global modern cultural issues, immaterial phenomena, the reasoning of metaphisycal existence, and the world of hyperreality. My art tends to futuristic shades. I always give new innovations in every process of my work, especially in terms of achieving visual. The concept of my arts is the arts for the future of human civilization to be more humanist cultured and art as a means of the most noble education. *ACHIEVEMENTS/ AWARDS: - Best of The Best Painting Artwork of “Anniversary (Dies Natalis) XXXIII” Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta) 2017. - Awarded predicate “The Most Crazy Artwork” on Arts meets Fashion Exhibiton of “PROLETART – GO A HEAD PEOPLE” from the Fashion Art work “The Lordly Heritage” at Bale Banjar Sangkring Artspace, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. - Finalist of 35th UOB Painting of the Year 2016 in “Newcomer” category, 2016. - Awarded predicate "The Most Surrealistic Artwork" in representing the Theme of “(NG)IMPI(AN)” Young Artist Exhibition of (PAPERU) FKY XXVIII 2016 on the visual painting work "Born of Futuristic Embryo" at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia. - The Best Artist Finalist of “Anniversary (Dies Natalis) XXXII” Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta) 2016. - The Best Artist Finalist of “Anniversary (Dies Natalis) XXXI” Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta) 2015. - Featured Special Artist of ”REFLEXE #2 ”LENZ DIE AUS STELLUNG”, Germany. - The Third (3rd) Best Winner of National Drawing Art Competition “PANORAMA INDONESIA 2013” at the National Gallery of Indonesia (Galeri Nasional Indonesia/ GNI), Jakarta, Indonesia. - Art Nomination for the Best Painting 2012 & 2013 of Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta), Fine Art Program Student. - The Best Illustration Art in 2013 & 2014 of Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta), Fine Art Program Student. - The Best Acrylic Painting 2013 of Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta), Fine Art Program Student. - The Best Poster Painting 2012 of Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta), Fine Art Program Student. *PUBLIC COLLECTION (Art Institution/ Foundation): - Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta. - National Gallery of Indonesia. - Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia. *BUSINESS CONTACT: - HP: (+62) 838 4022 6684 - ID Line: rjpimaginartion - Email: - IG: rangga_rjp

Born Agustus 10th 1972, Brebes-Indonesia. Resides and work in Jakarta, Indonesia -Email: My paintings always reflect the social-economic, political and cultural conditions of the society. But since my background is children books illustrator, l always make my paintings by using the beauty of children-world view.

My name is Bahaudin but usually friends call me Udien AEE. I was born in Surabaya You can visit in my small studio with name MELEKMEREM STUDIO. My studio address at Wates street km 08, Gamol Rt02, Rw15 (south from Pak Dukuh house), Balecatur, Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA. i like make a visual image with many technique (printmaking, painting, drawing, etc), i also like kids and love. if you wanna look others my work you can visit in my IG @udienaee. I have an email AWARDS 2017 - BBuzzShow@Jakarta Finalist, Fatahillah Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia - Pameran Nusantara Finalist "REST AREA" (from 1000 be accepted 100 artworks), Gallery National Indonesia, Jakarta 2016 - Trimatra Competition Finalist, SALIHARA Gallery, Jakarta 2011 - 2nd Winner of Islamic Mural Competition, Jogokaryan Mosque SOLO EXHIBITION 2015 - "Kisah Asmara" at Independent Art Management Gallery - "Kasih Sayang sebagai Ide Penciptaan Seni Grafis" at building faculty of fine arts, Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta GROUP EXHIBITION 2017 - Rhythm of Routine, Lorong Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Acemart 2017, Ace House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia - BBuzzShow@Jakarta, Fatahillah Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Sangkring Showcase #1, Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta - Pameran Nusantara "REST AREA", Gallery National Indonesia, Jakarta 2016 - Trimatra Competition at SALIHARA Gallery, Jakarta - All You Can Art XI at Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta - Acemart at Ace House, Yogyakarta - Urbanation at Loopstation Gallery, Yogyakarta 2015 - Untuk Sebuah Kata at Steak Mayo, Kediri - Dari Teman Teman "WASH Project" at Jogja Contemporary, Yogyakarta - Seasonal When Love Meet Culture at Food Garden, Jogja City Mall 2014 - Drawing Revolution #2 "Durhaka Art Scene" at DGTMB, Yogyakarta - Rupa Rupa Seni Rupa "Nandur Srawung" at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta - Jogja Miniprint Biennale (JMB) at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta - Amateur Youth with BERTULANG Community at Jogja National Museum (JNM), Yogyakarta - VERSUS PROJECT at DGTMB, Yogyakarta - Dies Natalies 30 ISI Yogyakarta at UPT Gallery, Yogyakarta - Drawing For Fun at Grin Cafe and Art space, Yogyakarta - CINTA at Tirana Art Space, Yogyakarta. Since 2009 until 2013 I am join with 51 Exhibitions on many Galleries from different cities and countries OTHER ACTIVITIES Active give some workshops in my curiculume vitae have 10 workshops activity for example give workshop etching with CLUB ETSA, give workshop printmaking "monotype technique", and etc I ever participated like performance art, organization and become jury for some event.

My Career: I am a fine artist originally from Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. I graduated from Indonesia Institute of Art (Institut Seni Indonesia) Yogyakarta with a major in Painting in 2006. For me, creating art is an expression of my soul, born from my aesthetic experience. With each new work, I strive to use my technique and vision to make an impact on the evolution of art. My work has also been included in exhibitions at Cheim & Read Gallery in New York, Siena Art Institute in Siena Italy, and The National Art Museum of China in Beijing, as well as other locations internationally. My Story: Many years ago, my father was the headmaster of a local school and he occasionally taught mathematics to the students. When I was young, maybe three or four years old, I would sometimes spend time with my father in his classroom at the school. I always ran to the blackboard to grab some chalk and began drawing with it. I was mesmerized. Above, my father was focused on delivering his lesson, with equations strewn about the blackboard. Below, there I was with my chalk and a focus of my own. Occasionally he would break his focus as the older students looked on and chuckled at me. My father recognized my artistic abilities early on and always supported them. He sought out information on how I could further my education in art locally. One of our neighbors had a daughter who studied dance at a performing arts school. Through that, my father was able to find out that there was a fine art school in that same area. My father knew nothing other than the location of the school. The most poignant moment for me, in my development as a career artist, was the day that my father went with me to register for that senior high school. It was nearly two hours away, by bus. It was only the beginning of my journey, but even then I understood that art would always be my life. I carry this inspiration and drive with me daily and put it into each new painting that I produce.