BBuzzArt - Discover Future Masterpiece


JUL. 21 - JUL. 28, 2017


BBuzzArt’s long-lasting mission of promoting young artistic talents has maintained thanks to many prestigious art organizations around the world. For BBuzzShow@Prague, Hauch Gallery is in collaboration with BBuzzArt where many leading figures in art have been presented. Under the natural light coming through the roof window, two Romanian artists selected by BBuzzArt reveal their most romantic works. When Romania meets Czech, the revival of Bohemian romantic is destined to take place.


The subject of my artistic research fascinates and intrigues me at the same time due to the complexity of its meanings: flesh and blood - organic matters that all the living beings are kneaded of, the dialogues and the tensions that are proposed to our eyes in the absence of the covering skin, therefore questioning the limits of the humanity in its relation with the animality and the technology. These substances are always creating opposite feelings, of repulsion and attraction, surpassing the boundary between interior and exterior, revealing the full of flavour, instinctive and profound vulnerability of the beings and confirming once again the juxtaposition between Eros and Thanatos, the chaining of life with death – the basis of the creation. The disintegration and the decay preserve in them an immanence, a light radiating from the very suffering that they propose to our sight in her raw, bare state. It is proposed a dual discourse questioning the inside and the outside, the human and the organic, the construction, destruction and deconstruction, dissolving and reinforcing the boundaries separating them just to transgress them again. The intention is not of giving a specific form for the living, but to provoke the viewer to suspend its reason and to immerse into the ensemble that takes place in front of him: a meat that is still alive despite the constraints it is subject to daily, a vibrating meat that claims her full entitlement. It proposes a slowing down from the speed we live in, a contemplation of the organic, of what connects us to all the other beings, of the carnal beauty that dwells inside.

Victor Fota was born in 1989, he is from Bucharest, Romania. He’s a visual artist, graduate of Fine Arts High School “Nicolae Tonitza”, has a Bachelor and Master degree in Art History, department of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the National University of Arts in Bucharest (2009-2014) At the moment he lives and works in Bucharest and he’s focusing on experimenting with oil paintings which illustrate concepts and phenomena described by the scientific methods, combined with personal introspection. For his paintings he uses a clean technique which resembles the old Flemish method of rigid forms and a successive glazes of paint. His works are separated in three major concepts; “Two Grounds” which was the first personal exhibition in Bucharest, “Reality through Reason-Cosmogony” the second one, and “Human Extension” which is in progress and will be displayed in 2016 in a gallery in Bucharest. The most recent series of oil paintings, have a concept based on the relation of man and machine, called Human Extension, in which the artist explores this relationship using facts and imagination, resulting in a surreal image.