Demid Smalkov2 hours ago

Krasnotur'insk city.

    JAIME DOMINGUEZ3 hours ago

    Framewire dummie sculpture...

      Paloma Juàrez3 hours ago

      "Verano" técnica mixta, un bello ejemplar

        Aburrida en el trabajo pues a dibujar. ;-)

          James 9 hours ago

          This is Awesome!

          Gone girl

          Gone girl

          Pk Lee

            Rein Dela Cruz10 hours ago

            2015. The time i tried incorporating color pencils with watercolor... and discovered the use of reflectors in photography. I don't know why i was thinking of reflectors back then.

              Pavel Yurchenko10 hours ago

              Тихо, тихо

                Jaeyoung Park 11 hours ago

                It is the first time to sns a work ^^