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[BBuzzArt] About BBuzzArt

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BBuzzArt started with one mission in mind that is to empower talented and emerging artists and has continued its journey for about five years. Find out what is BBuzzArt all about by listening to its founders and team members.

[BBuzzArt] We are installing at Art Stage Singapore 2018!

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Behind the scenes of BBuzzArt @ Art Stage Singapore 2018!

[BBuzzArt] Quality Assurance Service

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Buying an artwork online can be difficult and tricky. Thus, BBuzzArt provides a quality assurance service for you to collect the artwork desired online. Check out this video for your information!

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Dear Artists

If you would like to sell your artworks at BBuzzArt, please register yourself as an artist at your profile page by visiting The artist registration is only possible at website.

The following video will guide you how to register and to sell your artworks at BBuzzArt.

Unless you are registered as an artist, the price of artwork that you have previously recorded will be dropped after February 15th 2018.

We sincerely urge every artist to register in order for us to provide you with the better service and security.


Happy New Year!

We wish you the best and the greatest in 2018.
Happy New Year!

with Love and Peace



We hope Rudolph brings a chariot full of happiness and hope to you at Christmas.
Merry Christmas!

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[BBuzzArt@ART STAGE Singapore 2018] Selected Artists Announced!

We are very thrilled to announce the participating artists for BBuzzArt at Art Stage Singapore 2018.
For this show, the competition was very fierce since we have received more than 1000 submissions around the world.

We would like to show our token of appreciation for your sincere interest and breath-taking artworks. Although every submission deserves a spot, it is very unfortunate that we are only able to accommodate a few.

Participating artists will soon receive an email from the BBuzzArt exhibition Team.
Also, please stay tuned for the next open call for submission! Why don’t you guess the location?

[Art Stage@SG 2018] Selected Artist Announcement Postponed

<Announcement of Selected Artists for Art Stage Singapore 2018 Postponed>We have received an overwhelming number of applicants with incredible works of art. We are so surprised by all of your enthusiasm!

We definitely don’t want to miss out any work. All of your works deserve much attention. Therefore, to double check and review your applications with best care and attention, we’ve decided to postpone the announcement for the selected artists participating in Art Stage Singapore 2018 to December 11th, 2017.

We understand you have been waiting for this moment. But please fasten your eyes on us for just a little longer! Thank you for your patience!

The OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of Selected Artists for Art Stage Singapore 2018 is on December 11th, 2017.

Stay tuned!

[ArtStage Singapore] Call for Artist Submission Closed !

Call for Artist Submission for BBuzzArt@ArtStageSingapore is officially closed!
We are pleased to have all of talented artists around the world. We are surprised and fully inspired by all of your art pieces. Thank you for your interest and being part of our community.
The official announcement of selected artists will be posted Nov 20th. Stay tuned!

[ArtStage Singapore] New Artist Submissions Deadline: Nov 8th, 2017!

We are extending the submission deadline to Nov 8th, 2017! We have received many incredible artworks. BUT we want to see more! This is your last chance to participate a global art fair at no cost!

Application Process?
1. Join
2. Fill out your profile page
3. Upload your work
4. Add hashtag #artstagesingapore

***Call for Artist Submission Details***
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore.
Exhibition Period: Jan 24th ~ Jan 28th 2018
Submission Period: Sep 27th ~ Nov 8th 2017
Selected Artist Announced: Nov 20th 2017

For more details, please visit:
#BBuzzArt #Singapore #CallforArtistSubmissions #artstagesingapore #CallforArtists

[ArtStage Singapore] Call for Artist Submissions

We are happy to announce Call for Artist Submissions! Though BBuzzArt has hosted a number of BBuzzShow in one city at a time, starting next year, we are going even bigger. BBuzzArt is participating Art Stage Singapore in January 2018, and we have 90 sq meters to fill with transcendent artworks. If you are a young talent with serious motive and passion for art, apply ASAP!

***Call for Artist Submissions Details***
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore.
Exhibition Period: Jan 24th ~ Jan 28th 2018
Submission period: Sep 27th ~ Oct 18th 2017
Selected Artist Announced: Oct 30th 2017

From 2018, BBuzzArt escalates its level from local art show to respectful art fair, starting in Singapore. Now we provide not only a chance to share your artistic potential with public, but also promote yourself to global art collectors. BBuzzArt covers shipping fees and any exhibition-related costs.

***Start applying at BBuzzArt by uploading your work with hashtag #artstagesingapore and fill out your profile***

[ArtStageSingapore] Call for Artist Submission

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We are happy to announce Call for Artist Submission! Though BBuzzArt has hosted a number of BBuzzShow in one city at a time, starting next year, we are going even bigger. BBuzzArt is participating Art Stage Singapore in January 2018, and we have 90 sq meters to fill with transcendent artworks. If you are a young talent with serious motive and passion for art, apply ASAP!

***Call for Artist Submission Details***
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore.
Exhibition Period: Jan 24th ~ Jan 28th 2018
Submission period: Sep 27th ~ Oct 18th 2017
Selected Artist Announced: Oct 30th 2017

From 2018, BBuzzArt escalates its level from local art show to respectful art fair, starting in Singapore. Now we provide not only a chance to share your artistic potential with public, but also promote yourself to global art collectors. BBuzzArt covers shipping fees and any exhibition-related costs. Start applying at BBuzzArt by uploading your work with hashtag #artstagesingapore

When Performance Art Meets Audiences, what happens?

Artist Production and Performance Art

Artist Dun Graham said, “all artists are alike. They dream of doing something that’s more social, more collaborative, and more real than art.” Familiar with artists who engage public in their creative process? I luckily had a chance to participate in several art-makings back in college. Among all, I vividly remember the time I washed my hands with a beautiful Venus sculpture made of soap at the museum bathroom. The vanishing soap reflects the passage of time and in order to do so, it requires audience’s participation.

This form of art has many different names: social practice, social art, community-based art, participatory art, etc. It is time-sensitive, site-specific, post-studio, ephemeral and interactive. In other words, it only exists for a fleeting moment and has a distinctive performative aspect. Without participation, it is never complete. As Clair Bishop claimed, I would like to choose the term participatory art for it basically sums up what this branch of art usually shares in common.

Who are the Artists that Make Participatory Art?

You may have heard the name Marina Abramovic. She is a contemporary artist who has fully explored how far the boundaries of performance art can be pushed, and made it widely known to the world. At the Museum of Modern Art in 2010, she showcased a performance art which invites viewers to come sit opposite her. They would make an eye contact, but no talk, just silence. The most interesting episode from this installation was when her former romantic partner, Ulay came in as a surprise and they sat down together. They haven’t seen each other since their epic break-up at the Great Wall of China. Or at the Museum of Modern Art in 2012, Rirkrit Tiravanija served cooked rice and curry for free to all the audiences.

Many questions could arise form such performance pieces. Is staring at the artist art? Can you call eating with a bunch of strangers art? Marina Abramovic says, "I could make art with everything…and the most important [thing] is the concept,” she relates. “This was the beginning of my performance art. And the first time I put my body in front of [an] audience, I understood: this is my media” (MoMA Learning)

It All Comes Down to Life!

Although their art does not harbor a physical form, they force viewers to think critically and challenge them on an intellectual level more than any type of artwork. One would must wrap their head around to comprehend what this is really about. In a larger context, we can say these artists broke down the seemingly boundaries between art and life. Mundane, everyday activities are turned into ‘artwork’ in the name of artist. Whether it is about politics, social phenomenon, or gender and identity, the fundamental of art is LIFE. To make that point, maybe those artists chose such the most accessible and engaging approach; there is no difference between art and life.

Furthermore, it scrapes off the material quality and erases monetizable value of art. It cannot be marketed nor sold for it being an experience that no one can ever buy! Or at least a participatory art is only partially finished until viewers are present in the scene. Audiences are no longer just there to appreciate, but they rise to the status of co-creators. Meanwhile, one must be forced to accept their insecurity and vulnerability.

[BBuzzArt Short-Film Project] Artists! Would You Like to Film Your Story?

"You are the Hero and Heroine of BBuzzArt."

As a new project of BBuzzArt, we are planning to produce a short-film to showcase three selected artists to promote BBuzzArt worldwide. Without your commitment to create and maintain your way of life as an artist, BBuzzArt would not have existed! You are the Hero and Heroine of BBuzzArt!

We are seeking for new emerging artists who can tell us about their original life stories, hardships and/or dreams. Selected artists will be filmed to be on BBuzzArt advertising video that will be broadcast on major media channels around the globe.

We go to you, wherever you are.

October - November 2017

To Apply:
Send all the listed materials to

Your profile picture (portrait)
Three images(photos) that define who you are (lifestyle, your city, favorite place, etc.)

Application Deadline:
August 31st 2017

This is your chance to shine a spotlight on you. We will create a film, if you simply bring your story to us. We look forward to receiving your story!

Artist After School part 1.

Let’s admit it. Life outside classroom is tough. We all struggle. Take a look around. You have got to know at least one college or MFA graduate who still has hard time building their career as an artist. Many of my friends with traditional art background find themselves lost and hopeless in pursuing an art career after graduation. Just quoting one of them, “it took literally four years to pick up the brush again.” If you see yourself as an artist someday, and want to take the leap in the creative world, what should you do?

1. Time Management, Are you the Boss?

"Everything You Need to Know (And Do) as You Pursue Your Art Career" asserts that time management is the most crucial quality to develop for artists. Artists tend to have more flexible working hours and independency over how they want to spend a day. The best thing about school is a fixed schedule. There is a set daily routine: you wake up at 8 am, take a quick shower, go to class from let’s say 9 – 4. Then you either work, study with peers, attend a weekly club meeting, or do an art project in studio. Following graduation, there is no more of it. You have a complete freedom. However, more control you have of your time, more swayed you are by time, ironically. Well, what can I say? It is a good and bad that comes with the life of an artist.

It’s better to “identify your tendencies early on”. Are you a night owl or early bird? Build your schedule around the most productive and creative time of the day. Writer like Murakami Haruki placed creative working hours from 4 am through noon. Tchaikovsky had two different working hours a day 10 am -12 pm and 5 pm -7 pm. Figure out your behavioral pattern as soon as possible! Try multiple different times. You will know when it is right.

2. Studio: Home or Separate?

Getting a studio space is a matter of financial status and work-tendency. Ask yourself these three questions.

a. Can you focus at home?
b. Can you afford a separate studio?
c. Do you prefer to work alone or with people?

If you can’t afford a separate studio, make your home your studio. There is no need to buy a bunch of stuff to fill a brand-new space. Nor need you to move all your art supplies or other bunch. But, it can only work out the best for those who are well-disciplined and have the ability to fight off all the distractions, such as TV, bed, mobile game, etc.. If money is an issue, yet working at home is the worst idea for you, consider a shared studio. Be mindful that it leads to the next question: are you able to work with people? If yes, this will be a fantastic idea! After graduating college, you lose your daily interactions with peers and even the slightest chance to get run by abrupt inspiration. By sharing a studio space with local artists, you can stay up to the art field even if your work is not shown anywhere yet. To top it off, you can easily make connections with people that matter. When I was interning at a commercial art gallery, I often witnessed artists recommending/introducing their fellow artists to the gallery dealer or museum curators.

Continue to read more at:

Love Letter to Small Town

I am a city mouse. I was born in a big city and grew up there throughout my life. Probably the long urbanite life gave birth to my everlasting small-town fantasy. Or Confucian old masters’ poetry praising nature which I learned in high school was the beginning. That kind of dream does not cross everyone’s mind, but it grew in me immensely and burst out on my first visit to Marfa, Texas. It was no New York nor London. Far away from the city, stars were brightly shining in the clear night sky, and the whole town was filled with the America’s iconic modern and contemporary works of art. The desolate, void landscape of West Texas presented the infinite possibility of displaying art that white cube galleries were incapable of. I rushed to look for internship programs in Marfa, though I wound up not applying any of them. I was not ready to go on with a spontaneous decision to be honest.

Now, Donald Judd. What Did You Do in Marfa?

All in all, I admire artists who pulled off bold moves transitioning from a big city to a small town with their artistic ambitions, like Donald Judd. The oddest thing in Marfa was Donald Judd’s large-scale outdoor sculptures, the concrete cubes in the middle of nowhere. To be fair, it was in the midst of grassland. The extensive raw desert was his canvas. One would have to walk about 3 kilometers to get closer to this industrial mass. The truth is once you stand before his immense work, it is impossible to take your eyes off it. I instantly inspected every corner of the piece and turned my eyes onto the bizarre surroundings. Like I said, there was nothing but withered grass and nature. Despite its eccentric harmony, I would soon find it perfectly fit there. Some people use the word ‘whimsical’ to describe its out-of-place-setting, but to my sense, it was close to ‘serene’ or ‘meditative’.

To accomplish his ambition, Judd was destined to move to Marfa. As grand as his vision, he meticulously planned this art project and achieved the coherence of architecture, art, and nature. 40 years later, here we are.

According to Judd's daughter, Rainer Judd, the president of the Judd Foundation’s board, Donald Judd disliked to be categorized under Minimalism and she shared one story:

“I would say, ‘Where are the trees? There aren’t any trees here,'” Judd remembers. “The reason I mention trees is he would say, ‘If you look out here, you can actually see the shape of the land, where if it’s covered with trees you can’t see it.’ And I think about the way he would talk about his work in defense, when people would call it minimalist and he didn’t like that description. Just in the way that the desert is extremely rich and beautiful and it doesn’t have a lot of trees, I think he was interested in creating extremely rich work that didn’t have a lot of trees,”

When I think of desert, the image of "paused in time" comes to mind, which is probably why I keep thinking modern artwork beneath the desert sky is odd and eccentric. However, the intriguing irony left an unforgettable, vivid memory in my heart. It was like a pipe dream.

BBuzzShow@Prague at Hauch Gallery

BBuzzArt is very proud to collaborate with Hauch Gallery for BBuzzShow@Prague. Hauch Gallery is a creative and free space promoting artistic endeavors from all over the world. Under the curatorship of Jan Trestik, this prominent gallery in Prague presented from breathtaking post-war masters like Andy Warhol and Tony Cragg to rising contemporary artists like Jason Martin. Now, Hauch Gallery is actively supporting new artistic talents with a strong interest to promote them to be leading figures in avant-garde. Renovated from an old factory building, the space maintained traditional roof windows so that the natural light brings a comfortable feeling to art appreciators at the space. As its architecture manifests, BBuzzArt hopes Hauch Gallery to be a space of inner awakening by calmly bringing an explosion in art and intelligentia. For further information, please visit

Meet BBuzzArt's Exclusive Youtube Channel!

BBuzzArt connects the world via multichannel networks. Today, we extend our media outlet to Youtube and open up exclusive Channel to share our assorted, vibrant contents with global audience! Watch and like videos, and subscribe to BBuzzArt Youtube Channel for all the artist interviews, app tutorials, and special features.

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What do you SEE in a work of art?

It could be fashion, architecture, famous myth, exotic scenery, maybe even artist's skillful use of light or brilliant color choices. What I began to notice when studying art history was distinguishing female beauty ideals that vary in time and region. Hmm.. You are not so sure?

Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, Oil on Canvas, 1484–1486
Venus of Willendorf, Limestone, 28,000 B.C.E – 25,000 B.C.E.

This is going to be a very typical comparison that you may find in every intro art history book. It's simple as this. These two works are distinctive representations of Venus. In Botticelli's Birth of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love is manifested as a female whose body is perfectly proportioned and light skinned. Also she's got that rosy cheeks that make her look as lively and cheery.

The Venus figurine from 22,000 B.C.E., on the other hand, has far different characteristics on its physicality. You can't draw many beauty standards from this particular work, but one thing is clear: she's got huge breasts and hips. Probably that was the parameter of female beauty ideal many centuries ago.

This is just a tiny snippet of what art history can tell us about female beauty ideals. Why don't you start looking around female images (time has changed, but there are still so many! probably in different contexts though) at BBuzzArt and you can point out what is considered gorgeous and beautiful in our time. This could be a fun game!

[BBuzzShow@Prague] Selected Artists Announced

BBuzzArt is very happy to announce the selected artists for BBuzzShow@Prague collaborating with Hauch Gallery: Victor Fota and Elvira Bozga! These two thriving artists are from Romania who have brilliant talents in art, hence, Romania meets Czech.

Visit their profile pages now at BBuzzArt.
Victor Fota:
Elvira Bozga: