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One and Many

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By Sungyoul KIM

35 works

One involves many inside and many can be reduced to one with the possibility of categorical violence. <Black & White> by Grégoire A. Meyer and <Hiraeth #3> by Henry Clayton tell us the multiplicity of an individual. The multiplicity or the text of an individual is formed in time with the surroundings or the context of the individual. <Wind> by Lazaro Hurtado, <Miseria e Nobiltà> by Gianpiero Casetta, and <Onions with a book, Sisley> by Anne Baudequin tell us how an individual changes in time to a different one. On the other hand, <Waves> and <Solo les aventajaba era un detalle diminuto> by Paloma Marquez tell us that many can be one but it can be a violence to an individual. <Panta rei II> by Richard Silvaggio shows us an individual crouching between being himself or herself and being others.

2018. 07. 17

The Power of Touch

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By Jackie Kim

30 works

We touch or get touched in daily life. From the beginning to the end of the day, people start their days with touching something. Touch is not only an action but also a way to make a relationship; there is a certain aura and energy within touch. Whether it gives good or bad influence, by transferring ourselves energy, we feel each other and get involved with the society.

2018. 07. 06


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By Billy Park

30 works

Daily moments are always close by, but they are gone by at the quickest flash. I come to realize how I’ve had countless ordinary times just as I think they are gone. My town, the market, the town seen from the mountain, moments with family, moments I want to remember… these stay with me briefly then fade away. Who might have taken those innumerous time and space? To gain a lot of things, how many do we have to lose? How fragile we are.

2018. 06. 20

Craving Complementarity

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By EunYoung Won

30 works

Do you remember the color wheel that you have encountered at least once during your school days? Complementary colors are the opposite pairs on the wheel. Including my favorite match-up, cool blue and punchy orange, all the pairings are dynamic and pleasing to human eyes when used together. Many artists use this simple but highly effective rule of color schemes when producing artworks in order to create visual and emotional balance, or the opposite - to provoke an unsettling chaos. The high contrast of complementary colors at full saturation creates a satisfying and vibrant look, whereas toned-down analogous colors deliver unity and stability. Let your eyes relax and travel through 30 carefully selected works. Feel the dynamic energy the colors exude in together!

2018. 06. 14


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By Dohwa Jina Kim

92 works

I am who I am because of myself and despite myself. From the moment we enter this world, we are categorized into a certain identity. Artistic expression is the most candid and vulnerable form of self-expression, and in choosing these artworks I found myself slipping in and out of the various forms and subjects of the works. I was inspired by Kerry James Marshall’s work, wanting to highlight stories left unsaid.

2018. 06. 01

Andrew Wyeth’s well-known painting, Christina’s World, gives a sense of nostalgic yet somewhat melancholic tone throughout the canvas. Having spent my childhood and some of my school years after I became an adult abroad, I feel myself relate to this painting – and what the painting conveys. These days the term nostalgia seems getting underestimated for so many reasons – with the world now changing faster than ever, there simply is no time to linger on the past but to move forward. What if we take a bit of time to appreciate what we had, enjoy the ‘nostalgic state of mind’ by looking through some of the art works?

2018. 05. 23

Does art reflect human, or human reflects art? This is the collection of different styles and genres of portrait but all exposing human fragility, sensitivity and emotions. The conflict between the rationality and desire makes us anxious. Under societal pressure and consciousness we easily lose direction. We crave affection of others, then become engulfed by jealousy and hurt. The sense of disorientation is unavoidable condition for us but still, there is strength within us to keep on living. These works are the traces of the tumultuous journey, tools to explore reveries and act as confessions of our lust. At least creating and appreciating arts offers us a breath of fresh air from reality and exit to freedom.

2018. 05. 11

I am an explorer and as well as a traveller. When I have free time, I usually travel to rivers, seas, and mountains and I think these experiences are the driving forces that keep me mentally and physically healthy. However, since I can't travel much nowadays due to my busy schedule, I tend to find artworks that give me the feeling of finding an oasis in the urban city. In particular, I love artworks that express both reality and dream boundaries through various plots and colors based on the scenery. Thus, most of the artworks that I have chosen this time are focused on ‘self-healing and relaxation.’

2018. 04. 27

Sublime Atmosphere

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By BBuzzArt Agnes

8 works

This week, the art intelligence machine Agnes curates under the theme of “Sublime Atmosphere.” Presenting! These 8 newly picked artworks by AI may remind you of the fleeting moments quietly passed by. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the pure serenity of your memories.

2018. 04. 13

Botanical Stroll

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By BBuzzArt Agnes

8 works

Have you ever dreamt of an AI that suggests a perfect selection of stunning artworks? BBuzzArt introduces an art intelligence engine Agnes! This week, Agnes picked 8 of enchanting artworks categorized with “botany”. These artworks suggested by Agnes lead viewers to regain a sense of vitality and strength. Grant yourself some pleasure; check out these artworks! 

2018. 04. 02