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With the modern society pursuing a rapid development, the mutual hatred and conflict continues to persist in midst of its endeavor to achieve the goal. In the backdrops of the material wealth, the internal problems of human alienation caused by spiritual poverty and absence of communication, prevails while the spiritual value preferred from the materialism tend to become deficient. Due to these issues, the self of the individual in the world of the conscious and the unconscious, is suppressed and becomes isolated. the identity confusion and alienation arising in relationship with the other as a member of a society, has maximized the perception of the Ego-presence as an independent entity.
The feature representing the Ego in the work, comes from the emotion expressed by bursting as a result of creative Ego-sublimation that captures the self which is emerging in the heart with the inner resonance. The main inspirations being released in the work stems from the psychological which aims to overcome by escaping from the reality, and to gain the freedom by doing away from the internal conflicts and the persisting complex problems such as deeply latent feeling of deprivation due to a frustration conscious of the limits and the objectives, the perception of alienation felt in the relationship with the others, the expectations of the society and the burden and the anxiety that derived from those requirements, the emotional impetus in the ever-felt moments in everyday life, the thirst involved in aspiration for ideals, the hope and willingness contradictory to reality and crushed emotions toward the longing,
The consciousness and the unconsciousness are constantly interacting and produce the fantasies. In other words, the surrealistic images in the works emerge in the form of fantasies affiliated with the consciousness and the unconscious and appear on the Canvas. This represents a result of the natural emotions and symbolize a confirmation of identity made through the creative sublimation of inner world and the healing of the deep wounds in the unconsciousness.
The image of the ego symbolized in the image landscapes, maximizes the surreal impression. The images of the self revealed through the works and the landscape of images are the reflection of the unconscious will of dreaming the future through the past and the present and, at the same time, the reconstruction of the remembrances in the daily life that makes up the current. To stylized artwork from the shape arising through a series of steps to visualize the inner self, has the significance in that it, even though it virtually transforms in the imaginary space, narrates the story of inner loneliness and hope becoming a subject in the space.
As every individual leads daily life looking outwardly happy and pleasant while hiding loneliness, it is conceivable that the works derived from the extremely personal matters will be able to lead to such honest communication, communion and empathy as perceived in front of a mirror, through a process of personal internalization.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2013
  • Size : 70(W) x 70(H) x 7(D) cm
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 03

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Alfonso Trillicoso

2022. 12. 26

Prestige Park Grove

Good one
2022. 09. 26

Dinara Chakarova

The vivid style is being depicted with mythical content but it seems to induce miserable emotion.
2018. 05. 14

Jun Kim

it is illusory.
2017. 05. 19


this artwork drag me to depth of mysterious feeling
2017. 04. 17

Jun Kim

this is really original.
2017. 04. 17

Ken Gradomski

This painting expresses classic style through its sensual content, and it gives me the absorbing feeling.
2017. 03. 28

Saba Mirbaha

Wow amazing
2017. 03. 26


It's genius
2017. 03. 24


2017. 03. 24

Margie Green Rogers

My siesta!
2017. 01. 20

BBuzzArt Curated

Congrats! This original work is being featured at BBuzzArt Facebook page.
2016. 12. 30

Jack Hunt

It looks like peaceful dream!!
2016. 12. 15

Ailee Innes

The artist shows the elegant style with contents that are quite illusory. It presents the nostalgic mood to me.
2016. 12. 14


The nostalgic feeling harmonizes well with the childish style and imaginative contents of this artwork. It looks like my dream!!
2016. 12. 14