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Tampisaw sa Dalampasigan (Art of Happiness)

Tampisaw sa Dalampasigan (Art of Happiness)


What truly defines the Art of happiness? An innocent bliss of a child in a beautiful yet dangerous world. What can protect us from the greed, anger, hatred, lust, and darkness of human nature? I believe the priceless cure is an ocean of love. It defines the very core of the sacrifice of Jesus. An unconditional love of parents to their children. It's simple yet complicated. Once we lose our innocence we can never go back to find it again. It's irreversible. Most of the crimes today involved underaged, from shooting incident to rapes, robbery and drugs.
We are the children of God. Have we all lost our innocence? Can we go back? Can we find that Art of Happiness? I hope and I pray that one day you will.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2014
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 04

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beautiful piece, gorgeous.
2016. 04. 08

Arlyn Bryant

love it. caught the shyness of the son joy of the daughter. and most importantly the concern on the mothers face
2016. 03. 07

Dje Sasono

luv your way to tell by vision.
technically its expresion are very melting
2016. 02. 04