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It's a popular festival here in Cebu Philippines in honor of Sr. Sto Niño
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2011
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 18(W) x 12(H) inch
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 06

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Arnold Ramirez Axistrizero

Thank you for your comments Leo and Walter. it is actually an unfinished work I have a long time ago. I don't know how to finish it anymore...
2017. 09. 11

Walter Aguilar

As far as the style of this artwork is concerned, it is authentic, but the contents on the other hand seem more erotic. Nevertheless, the overall mood of this piece is deep.
2017. 08. 14

Leonardo Damian Schmidt

This is an interesting piece of work. I like the fact that expressive style is combined with provocative contents to create lively atmosphere.
2017. 08. 10

Arnold Ramirez Axistrizero

thank you for the comment pearl... it is indeed a very colorful and fun festivity in our place.
2016. 04. 24


This artwork has witty style with critical contents that seems a bit contrasting. The feeling on the other hand is rather active.
2016. 04. 12