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Be wise as serpents and Innocent as doves. (Medusa2013)

Be wise as serpents and Innocent as doves. (Medusa2013)


Be wise as serpents and Innocent as doves. (Medusa2013) / 2min55sec / Video Installation / 2013

A common image of a serpent and the medusa is dark and damp. However, according to the bible, 'be ye therefore wise as serpents.'

It is said that a snake can overcome nearly all of its enemies. Even against something multiple times its size, it can protect itself.
Against an enemy that is too great to overcome, it performs wisdom of faking its death by hardening its body and releasing terrible smell.

The good-natured look of the Medusa and the snake movements, according to her blinking of the eyes refer to the wisdom of the snake.

The two canes represent Hermes' and Aesculapius' canes.

A snake climbs and combines the cane of Hermes, which sybolizes the innocence of the doves, integration, convergence, unification,
vitatlity, sexuality, fecundity, and abundance, and the cane of Aesculapius which is the symbol of life.
In Korea, the year 2013 is the year of the snake.
Positiveness is a fierce potentiality.

I wish everybody could open their hearts and learn from others' strengths. Let us live with pure hearts by effectively using the spears and the shields according to the wisdom of a snake.
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Year : 2013
  • Total Edition No : 5
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 10

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