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Michael Jackson 'Leave Me Alone'

Michael Jackson 'Leave Me Alone'


Michael Jackson inspired me and changed my perception in Music, Art, Life and love.
First. Music. When I was just a little girl 4 or 5 years old I used to sneak one of my parent’s cd’s that contained the two songs of Michael ‘Jam’ and ‘Earth song’ and secretly playing it over and over again. He introduced music to me. He showed me how much soul can be embedded in a song. That’s when I started appreciating music and nature's fragile beauty at the same time. There's no question for his God-given gift in writing music nor innovative ideas in creating his art. You can put him on stage and give him nothing but a spotlight and a beat you'll see a superstar. He broke language barrier and the racial discrimination for Black Artists to reign the Music Industry. He influenced most of the artists today. You can see his fingerprints from fashion to pop music. When he died part of music died for me. To me Michael was the pioneer of music.
Second, Art. Every time I do an artwork I compete with myself. I challenge myself for improvements and when I wanted to break my boundaries I draw/paint one man. Michael. I have this butterfly thing when I drew him for the first time and I have no idea what it is but that's when I became a pencil artist. When I wanted to live in color and jump from pencil to paint I was disappointed. I thought painting was not my thing so I challenge myself again. I needed the butterfly feeling so I painted Michael. It turned out that it's the first artwork that I'm very proud of. I didn't even know I'll be good with paints but breaking boundaries I owe that to Michael.
Third, Life and Love. Aside from the talent only some of you know how Michael shared his gift and heart to the world. Did you know that Michael Jackson have done charities MORE than concerts? During his tours sometimes he would disguise himself to escape paparazzi to visit hospitals and orphanages. He’s the only one in this world who raised hundreds millions of dollars for charity. Donated most of his earnings from his singles, and concerts to charities and funded “Heal the World” foundation to provide medicine to children and fight the world hunger, homelessness, child exploitation and abuse. Michael was one of the first awarded Humanitarian and first Environmentalist celebrities. He was the first one to put it in music and influence. Because he lost his childhood (work and physical abused) he became sensitive to children's pains and sufferings. He said they reminded him of himself a lot. But they came up with so many lies and the worst was child molestation. The accuser confessed to his Psychiatrist after Michael's death he said he was forced to lie and falsely accuse MJ for money. But he's hoping wherever Michael is he wished that Michael can forgive him. I think it's too late now cos the world believed the lies. People judge him because they are ignorant of the truth just taking in what the press and tabloid printing for money. According to his bodyguards what people don’t know was even after people ignorantly judged him he kept giving money and helping homeless people ANONYMOUSLY, people have no idea that it was Michael Jackson who helped them.
I painted Leave me Alone for one purpose. Respect or just leave him alone. Leave me alone short film is my number one favorite aside from its brilliant creativity prior to cgi's these days but most of the effects here were handmade literally cut and paste by hand. Leave me alone is all about the garbage that’s been in press for so many years. In the music video the media and tabloids built a big circus around Michael and in the end he broke free. I painted this particular picture with his two pets Bubbles (the chimp) and Muscles (the snake). Michael said that the reason why he loved animals was because they are innocent enough not to want something from you like money or judge you unlike everyone around him did , but animals they just wanted to be your friend.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2014
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 15

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Kaitlyn Osorio

Your words are art by themselves. Your artwork clearly describes your passions and love. I'm a big MJ fan as well and you have done this canvas justice! You're a wonderful artist and painter and human being from what I can tell just by looking at your art
2016. 05. 24


That'sa very beautiful piece of art work! He has also been a great inspiration for me.
2016. 04. 27

Bonnie yam

This figure is a work that looks very realistic. I miss him, too.
2016. 04. 27