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Untitled (The Maids)

Untitled (The Maids)


Untitled (The Maids)
28"x42". Oil on canvas. 2015.
I only recently began painting in March of 2014, and began using oils only this year. My paintings so far have been somewhat experimental, learning techniques as I go. My first oil paintings were a series of egret paintings, all inspired by the same photograph of a seabird on a stump that a friend took on his vacation. I painted it in three very different ways.
The third painting was done with a unique effect using many colorful squares. The painting process was really enjoyable for me. I love working within the squares. It's freedom within my own set limitations! As a mama of 3 and a weeknight waitress, sometimes all I have time for is small goals in my limited free time. One square at a time!
I found this to be very therapeutic, and the finished pieces have turned out more beautiful than I imagined!
I decided to take this "square" effect to a whole new level, and begin a series of large paintings in this style! I came across a dreamy photograph of a bride and her bridesmaids, taken by Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography, and I knew I needed to paint it! (with permission of course)
I began the underpainting in the beginning of July and finished the final touches under the Blue Moon on the 31st. It felt very magical!
Someone asked me if it was of The Fates of Greek Mythology. I did a google search and found that this painting had a striking resemblence to many other artistic portrayals of The Fates throughout history!
I had originally titled this piece "Moirai: The Three Fates" because of this resemblance! I recently revoked this title for a number of reasons. For one, the Moirai were ugly, wicked old women. As the mythology goes, they controlled the fate of every mortal being from birth until death, and were quite sinister in their dealings. The women in this photo are just too lovely and graceful!
Secondly, the original photograph was not my creation, and it doesn't feel right to give it my own title! Hunter Leone has referred to the photo as "The Maids", so I would like to honor that. :)
I have already shipped out four prints titled "Moirai: The Three Fates". The other 96 prints in this limited edition will be left Untitled (The Maids).
I am excited to be getting started on the next large painting in this series, and hope to have a solid collection of at least 10 more by next summer.
I'd love to hear feedback! Comment or follow me on Facebook:
or Instagram: @Di3d311

  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 28(W) x 42(H) x 1.5(D) inch
  • Posting : 2015. 08. 13

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Jean Pierre

I’m in love with this painting
2018. 02. 15


2016. 01. 27

Diana Ellie Vin

Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback!!
2016. 01. 02

Francis J

Wow, stunning
2015. 09. 24

Gabriela Zamudio

The squares give a great effect to the painting, and the combination of colors is amazing! Great job, I love your style.
2015. 09. 24

Shreejita Chatterjee

wow... all the details are simply amazingg !! The beautiful dresses and the pretty faces, the color coordination and the square boxes :')
Never stop painting love !
2015. 09. 23

Julia Broad

What an incredible talent you have!
2015. 09. 21

Diana Ellie Vin

Thank you Andreea and Isabela!! prints are available if you are interested. contact me on my FB page:
2015. 08. 31

Andreea Stanciu

omg, it's so perfect
2015. 08. 30

Isabela Evangelista

I love this!
2015. 08. 30

Diana Ellie Vin

Thank you Houssam and Shelby!
2015. 08. 24


I love the use of different colors and textures. well done!
2015. 08. 24

Houssam Gooner Elokda

This is really good. Excellent.
2015. 08. 15

Diana Ellie Vin

Ailee Innes.. my last painting before this was done in a similar style. I really enjoy working in this style! ..being able to paint one square at a time :) it' freedom within my own set limitations! And keeps me from becoming bored with something potentially very time consuming :)
2015. 08. 15

Olaya Zarzosa

I love it!!
2015. 08. 14