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Om Namah Shivay


when the whispers of the winter
lie by to make a fool
when the wind's a luring river
you stand upon the ruins…
wait around until a
whisper sounds serene
a melody to heal
the one never concealed
om namah shivaya
om namah shivayah
and a calm sweet surrender
engulfed within a beat
alive and all around us
it whispers in the ear
….2 bar gap….
set you free
believe me when i tell you
soaked in sun
beneath the million rays to fill me
up and over down and sober
and i'm ready
to see to live to breath to care and i have seen it through..
om namah shivaya
  • Category : VIDEO
  • Year : 2015
  • Duration : 00:04:34
  • Posting : 2015. 08. 15

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Houssam Gooner Elokda

Good job guys! I really like your lyrics first of all, meaningful, not cheesy, and unique. If you add to them a slightly more personal touch, they'll be perfect. As for the song itself, I really like the backup chords you're going with, they set the mood very well. But remember, the core of every good song is a melody, the vocals sound good, but you need more composition with the melodies. I would suggest adding another instrument (easier said than done I know) or alternatively, one of the guitarists can take on a lead role and play some catchy melodies with the vocals, while the other keeps the chords going. A violin or cello would go really well. Also, this will sound really good when a drum beat is added, subtle change that will do wonders. Keep making music! You guys are headed in the right direction!
2015. 08. 15