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blue sculpture

blue sculpture


  • Category : SCULPTURE
  • Posting : 2016. 05. 24

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Ziz Aileuil

The most appealing element in this piece is the relaxed tonality. This artwork definitely presents the tacky style with its erotic contents.....wise
2017. 08. 15

Samar Hyder

A lot of hard work would have gone into this painting. Would love to paint like this one day.
2017. 04. 12

Joo Han Lee David

This artwork attempts to reconcile elaborate style with conceptual contents to illustrate captivating atmosphere.
2016. 07. 07


Wow it seems to be pyramids arranged in cubistic manner showing bird eye view ......sometimes it looks like broken pieces of mirror
2016. 05. 31

Victoria Orlova

So good
2016. 05. 30


2016. 05. 27

Payton Mink

It looks like to me that these are crystals falling into a dark crack in the earth in the center. Very nice piece. Definitely creates a connection between the viewer and the sculpture.
2016. 05. 25

Clara Shin

The work is lovely and I would like to select as a curator's pick. However, I would like to hear your inspiration behind this piece so that we can understand your artistic world in deeper level.
2016. 05. 25

Alisa Polsinelli

Lovely piece
2016. 05. 25