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From the Beginning

From the Beginning


My works speak of man, in its simplest aspect ... of their cycles and processes, thoughts, and especially situations that stand in their way and must solve, analyzing obstacles, but always "calmly active and actively calm " (P. Yogananda)
The whole society is a reflection of each individual, I like to observe (from inside and outside) as the crowds move like a choreography, split, compress and disperse. These piles of people, objects, thoughts, generate noise, an eternal murmur. Just as everything is nothing ... the noise becomes silences opposition.
That primary human schema, stripped, black and white, is what ends up reinforcing the message, if these clusters of figures they had a more realistic representation may become the work into something extremely baroque.
The counterpoint created from the representation of a complex situation with simple images, the motley sum of small figures that generate volumes, create a work that is read from the general to the particular.

In my recent works appear as protagonists one or more bags and other objects as doors, boots, glasses,etc, its format is old and its representation in color is very realistic, these objects dialogue with schematic figures of the previous works. The human figures remain small scale, not keeping any logical relationship sized suitcases, interacting create situations that range from the dramatic to the irony.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 40(W) x 40(H) x 3(D) cm
  • Posting : 2015. 08. 15

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This artwork attempts to reconcile witty style with imaginative contents to illustrate absorbing atmosphere.
2017. 02. 03


2016. 05. 31

Carrie Hall

Oh you@again. your artwork keeps catching my eye...even in the humble thumbnails scrolls your apt use of form-and even more clever use of space between-catch the gaze first. This comes at no cost to the breadth of what's being suggested here...outlasting the gaze is the lingering introspection being prompted. First and last. I appreciate how well you are able to capture both the intimate and the removed refractions of your social lens.
2016. 05. 14

Jun Kim

This artwork attempts to reconcile witty style with dramatic contents to illustrate poetic atmosphere.
2016. 04. 25

BBuzzArt Curated

The artist’s refined style expressed through its symbolic contents creating dreamy mood.
2016. 04. 25

Dries Ketels

Or do I see Mein kampf at the bottom? Be careful with that one. Because he might push some books to the right. It's his political nature you knowanyway a nice thought but you could have gone further with it I guess.
2015. 09. 15

Dries Ketels

Do I see a Nietzsche lying there somewhere?
2015. 09. 15

Ros Limbo

For a moment I could swear the books were falling.... beautiful
2015. 08. 29

Ob Cordis

I feel like one of those little men... Inspiring :)
2015. 08. 29

Clara Shin

hello paloma! this is BBuzzArt curatorial team. we are just wondering whether you had a chance to check an email from us. we sent an email inviting you as a featuring artist of BBuzzArt. =)
2015. 08. 28