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The original artwork is from Amy Judd. I decided making the body like Amy Judd's work but, from me too.
I love painting body's and faces but not together. Everything is beautiful and I want to show it without making the other part of the body not shinning. Sometimes looking to an artwork ist not enough. Sometimes you need to feel the skin, feel the moment and I will try that my artwork make you feel something without touching, only watching.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 40(W) x 50(H) cm
  • Posting : 2015. 08. 16

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Claudi pinkie

This looks amazing !
2019. 01. 01

Dohwa Jina Kim

sweet surrender :)
2018. 11. 05

Javad Khan

The artist has completed the animated style by presenting uncomfortable contents with calm tone.bbb
2017. 09. 07

Pushkar Kumar

The style of this artwork is ethnic which works well with its encouraging contents ultimately creating rather optical atmosphere.
2017. 09. 06

Mandeep Singh

The style seems outdated with erotic contents in this art. I can describe the overall tonality to be lively.
2017. 09. 03

Arif AsLam

This interesting piece of art is poetic and deep in its ethnic style.
2017. 08. 30

Terry Popoff

the darkness within the work reflects the spirit within
2017. 08. 29

Corey Keer

The manipulative style is depicted through well-chosen contents that are graphic. Overall mood of this art can be described to be rather optical.
2017. 08. 28

Ķannappan Đe Čružer

The artist did a great job presenting manipulative style with genuine contents. The rough mood of this art just makes this piece more interesting.
2017. 08. 28

Sam Xav

The artist illustrated narrative contents in the obscure style. This well arranged piece influences my emotion to feel peaceful.
2017. 08. 28

Nawras Abdul Kareem Albajlan

The animated style of this artwork is deviated from depressing contents. Yet together it creates creative atmosphere.
2017. 08. 28

Kobir Sumon

The artist presents well abstract style, romantic contents and subtle atmosphere.
2017. 08. 28

Evanz Quiatson

The style of this piece is quite classic. I like the feminist contents stimulating the comfortable mood.
2017. 08. 10

Reeyaz Dong

2017. 08. 05

ink of bard

I love your art ,it touched a depth at the first glance!
2015. 08. 20