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Emerging Chinese artist Wang Min (b.1986) in her latest series "V" has taken on the topic she has come to call genetic diversity. 
What will we (more specifically our great great grandchildren) look like as a species when we begin to modify the gene code in pursuit of our more perfect designer children?
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2015
  • Size : 50(W) x 50(H) cm
  • Posting : 2016. 06. 03

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Tyrone Brown

I like  the futuristic vibes I get . I'm  new to the Art world.
2022. 04. 12

The Dragon Year Gallery

@Clara Shin Thank you for your advice, I have uploaded our gallery's exhibition information on BBuzzart. We look forward for more mutual growth in the future!
2016. 06. 09

Clara Shin

Hello, the Dragon Year Gallery! Welcome to BBuzzArt! We wish we can grow together to support emerging artists for bigger and better artistic future. Should you have any comments and suggestions, please let us know so that we can accommodate you. Also, you can advertise your upcoming exhibition via Show menu at for free. Just click a plus bottom on the right to upload your show information.
2016. 06. 04