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Más fan del arte pobre que del aristócrata.Quizás porque no tengo un duro y parto siempre de trabajos hechos con la cámara del móvil o el propio móvil y el painter. :) I'm a 23 years old girl from Andalucía, Spain. I really do not like to show myself, my feelings or my work, because they are intense and not everyone can undestand what i mean or what i have inside. But i guess it's a way to say: i'm strong and you'll never see my vulnerability. So that's the reason why i'm here. i have to learn a lot, but i can teach so much too...i'm very emphatic and diplomatic with a lot of people. i remember when i was little i could spend the whole day making draws, it was the only thing that made me feel absolutly free. In fact, i learnt with my paintings and my art to express my feelings and my mood because i was too shy to talk about it . So it was like arttherapy, and now that i'm older is the way i'm walking (phsycology and art). I like to use ashes in my works because it talks about being reborn like a phoenix. Rise from our own ashes is to have a new acttitud in life, and that's the concept i speak with my art. The way to apply it is always different; i really love painting in a picture and give it movement, or making collage, maybe self-portraits sometimes. i've been in a few exihibition and i won many quick-painting contest a few years ago with my landscapes. if you want to know more about me and my jobs ask me, or follow me here or wherever you want to. :D my mind and my personality are really open right now, so take adventage of that dude. ;)