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[Behind Popularity] Self-Obliteration No. 1 by Yayoi Kusama

[Behind Popularity] Self-Obliteration No. 1 by Yayoi Kusama


Yayoi Kusama’s adolescence can be described as a period of confusion just as we experience entering into her polka dot installations. She was physically sick and mentally hurt because of her dysfunctional family. Yayoi’s father disregarded his family by cheating on other women and her mother physically abused little Yayoi releasing her stress on this poor child. Instead of remaining as a tormented youth, she turned her grief into artistic inspiration and now we can appreciate Yayoi’s breath-taking artworks such as Dots Obsession. Artistic inspirations may come from many different directions. Explore deep into yourself! BBuzzArt believes in your passion for art and that is the art that we believe!
  • Category : COLLAGE
  • Year : 1967
  • Posting : 2016. 08. 18

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2016. 08. 18