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「優雅農夫」Elegant Farmer

「優雅農夫」Elegant Farmer


2016 水性壓克力漆 120x240cm
artist: #王國仁 #wangguoren
台中 國家歌劇院 戶外展出 至9/25

"Elegant Farmer"
Kaohsiung trees grown in pristine Goda, the vast prairie and planted fruits and vegetables from small to large for me is Taiwan's most pure impression.
It is a healing natural beauty of the soul, grandfather farming harvesting shed sweat, toil and achievement crystalline diamond, although tired, watching with their lives to cultivate fruit, feeding everyone, which shares the joy of achievement farmer power and presence.
The farmer is also an artist, in this land, continue to use the "touch" to create more life-nutrients, creating an elegant, smiling harvests.
2016 water-based acrylic paint 120x240cm
artist: # WANG Guo-ren #wangguoren
Taichung Metropolitan Opera House outdoor display to 9/25
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  • Posting : 2016. 08. 28