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[Behind Popularity] Untitled by Eva Hesse

[Behind Popularity] Untitled by Eva Hesse


Eva Hesse was born in a Jewish family under the Nazi Germany. When she was only two years old in 1938, her mother sent her to Netherlands hoping to save her child from the Nazis. Although the family was reunited shortly after and fled to New York, the nightmare of World War II was slowly eating away Eva’s family. Her parents were separated and her mother killed herself. Young Eva blamed the Nazis and Germany for destroying every bits and pieces of herself. In 1965, Eva moved back to Germany and worked and lived in a deserted textile factory. Looking at broken pieces of machines and fabric torn, she was able to relate them to who she was as a person. Such realization enabled confused Eva to reshape her style in art. Then she stopped thinking and just did as her close friend, Sol Lewitt, advised. Before art manifests a grand idea, it is a presentation of your story. BBuzzArt believes in your passion for art and that is the art that we believe!
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 1963
  • Posting : 2016. 10. 31

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2016. 10. 31