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[Behind Popularity] Standing Man and Woman by Mark Rothko

[Behind Popularity] Standing Man and Woman by Mark Rothko


During his college days in Yale, Mark Rothko was outspoken about his belief. To effectively deliver his words and to overturn the elitist and racist school community, Mark, along with his friends sharing same opinions, started a satirical magazine, The Yale Saturday Evening Pest. However, his voice was so low to bring changes and the financial burden was so high to survive that he dropped out and took his road to New York City where he found art as a tool of emotional and religious expression. Let your youth be under the tutelage of passion! We have a faith in you all the way! BBuzzArt believes in your passion for art and that is the art that we believe!
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 1938
  • Posting : 2016. 11. 24

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2016. 11. 24