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[Behind Popularity]Self-Portrait by Salvador Dali

[Behind Popularity]Self-Portrait by Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali’s flamboyant moustache was a presentation of his admiration toward the 17th century Spanish master, Diego Velázquez. Before fully devoted to Surrealism and Psychoanalysis, Dali rigorously studies the painting technique of old masters such as Raphael, Vermeer, Bronzino and Velázquez and frequently applied and adapted it to his own work. He also welcomed modernist techniques prevalent when he was emerging as a young painter. He revered Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró and even created a number of works manifesting his respect towards such avant-gardists. Art is never one sided. It becomes real when your knowledge towards the past collides with your attitude towards the present. Don’t stop learning and looking! BBuzzArt believes in your passion for art and that is the art that we believe!
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 1921
  • Posting : 2016. 12. 11

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