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  • Category : PAINTING
  • Posting : 2017. 01. 23

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Prince Virk

The overall mood of this artwork is quite relaxed with vibrant contents, yet the general style seem to be rather extreme.
2017. 09. 13

Rafi Ahmed

The pop style of this art is emphasized by its conceptual contents altogether intensifying its calm atmosphere.رفيق
2017. 08. 12

Fatih Özçelik

The style is quite surreal and the contents are fairy humanistic. Together it is creating an atmosphere that can be seen as optical.hhhh
2017. 08. 10

Kate Mereand

The artist did a great job blending provocative contents with surreal style. Together it’s generating mysterious atmosphere.
2017. 07. 04


The general style of this artwork is quite abstract and its humanistic contents are not to be overlooked. I like the deep mood that this piece is gushing out.
2017. 06. 29