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Detail. I am exploring and experimenting with textures, depth and the dimensionality of painting.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Posting : 2017. 02. 08

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Rajat Royal

I like the way of how the cynical contents are illustrated to bring the beautiful feeling. Also, the authentic style is added up to bring an interesting perspective.
2017. 09. 04

Atik Rihan

The style seems to be quite minimal which makes an interesting combination of sensual contents and beautiful atmosphere.Hnih
2017. 09. 01

Pelin Yıldırım

This artwork has surreal style. The artist seems to emphasize its imaginative contents and nostalgic feeling.
2017. 08. 12

Erika Boo

Enigmatic. Good job bringing out emotions using such vivid and contrasting colors.
2017. 08. 07

Ravi Suvarnkar

I like the overall minimal style of this piece. Also, the poetic contents are well presented with the rough tonality.
2017. 07. 23

Alexandr Andreas

The mundane contents and relaxed feeling are well presented in its outdated style.
2017. 07. 13

Katey - Abstract 156

This artwork explores delicate style with its narrative contents provoking overwhelming emotional responses.
2017. 05. 12

Emilio Gonzalez
2017. 04. 22

Audrey Lopez

The surreal style and feminist contents are blended well to create an interesting narrative in this art. The overall tone seems to be absorbing.
2017. 04. 21

??? ????????????

I’m inspired by its balanced style, conceptual depiction of the contents, which gives lively feeling.
2017. 04. 01


2017. 04. 01

Emmanuel Munioz

It's an enigmatic piece of art. I really love it.
2017. 03. 30

The emotion of this piece is breathtaking
2017. 03. 23

Lydia DeGois

The style is highly expressive with its vibrant contents. I’m impressed by its dreamy atmosphere.
2017. 03. 23

Namsoo Kim

The authentic style of this artwork is successfully created with dramatic contents and the optical atmosphere is quite impressive.
2017. 03. 17