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This video is a presentation of selected paintings from my art production incurred during the 2013th. ~ I hope you'll like it ~;)

Mr. David Engstrøm - founder of TMM ( The Metastbilian Movement ) my dear friend, a colleague, a versatile artist and high authority in the field of neuroscience about this says :
" Stunning ! Brilliant ! You are a pioneer exploring~creating in the metastabilian mode, using your squiggle sense, your sixth sense of the complementary nature and paving the way for others who will follow your lead, and begin their own personal 'squigglequest', helping the world to become aware of the amazing potentials resident in every sentient brain~mind. I am with you and support what you do, and am also a fan. Keep going Drazen, may the squiggle be with you! Your Metastabilian brother and friend, David Engstrøm. ~:)

I am very grateful to Mr. David on these beautiful words and I'm very proud about it !
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  • Year : 2014
  • Duration : 00:05:23
  • Posting : 2015. 09. 08

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