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This artwork belongs to a new collection Im doing; "Queens without crown" the women behind the worst dictactors/presidents in human history, this one is Imelda Marcos, is one of the biggest collector of shoes in the world. That's why she has a shoe as a hat and behind her is the poverty of her country.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Size : 120(W) x 150(H) x 2(D) cm
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 05

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Jin Byun

Something is going on  here..! The image reminds me of the movie, Ex-Machina! Great mysterious composition.
2017. 08. 09

Běîñğ Māññü

The minimal style of this art works well with the sociopolitical contents. It induces absorbing atmospheric vibe.
2017. 07. 24


2017. 05. 07

engelbert alvarado

love it...
2017. 04. 19

Chandra Hardita

Love your works this one is inspiring
2017. 04. 14


wow thanks all for your feedback :)
2017. 04. 11


Excelente trabajo
Original y con gran maestría
2017. 04. 11

Jakhongir Khurbanov

This art is tacky and beautiful harmonizing to present the feminist contents.
2017. 04. 10

Edwin Darwin

This painting expresses delicate style through its dramatic content, and it gives me the absorbing feeling.
2017. 04. 10

Brandon Halley

The abstract style influenced the overall overwhelming atmosphere of this artwork. The provocative contents adds on to its overall approach.
2017. 04. 09

Rashon Tre Harrison

Great work
2017. 04. 08

Rashon Tre Harrison

The artist brings symmetrical style to this artwork and this enabled the whole content to be candid. The overall atmosphere left the mysterious impression to me.
2017. 04. 08

Jun Kim

The art shows a distinctive tone through its obscure style and humanistic contents. The deep mood brings these artistic elements together.
2017. 04. 05