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Smile Better


Indonesia, in a few years until recently was hit by problems fairly "injure" the character of this nation itself. Issues such as intolerance, hatred among many, religious people who do not get along, the lack of attitude of mutual cooperation, and so frequently encountered either through a media publications and in a neighborhood that is close to our own. We seemed to be led to the recognition of who is right? Who is wrong? Who is it good? And who is not good? Our ears like shouted, our eyes as blinded by what they serve. A fight scene in a television show is now being censored as they may be afraid to be a stimulus for children to participate to do so, but we are not aware that there was a scene that is more harmful to children nation's successor, the dispute (head-to-quarrel) between people that some might be the cause of the problems above. Then, the problem with regard to the religious harmony is also currently hot in Indonesia, maybe this is a risk for a nation that embraces democracy in religion, but if we take into consideration the character of the Indonesian people were friendly, smiling, tolerant, respectful, harmonious, etc, we are sure to avoid those risks. Finally, when people ask me how to give a stand on issues relating to religious communities that are not in harmony in this country, I will answer, "multiply smile!", Because in essence smile is worship, perhaps those troubled because they did not smile. The smile that really smile from the heart, never have we now had a smile? If not, use your time enough only 3-5 seconds each had a chance to smile, the smile of our minds is likely more positive, more open, more transparent and more in a variety of issues. Hopefully, our problems would be more easily and quickly resolved, give a smile in order to meet Indonesia that is more "smile" again. With works of art we can help people to see that many problems can be fixed.
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2017
  • Size : 100(W) x 100(H) cm
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 06

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