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This painting was a collaboration work with my wife and my son. We call our group 'Genetically Fun'.

An illustration of the "development" of the city or living space, through the allegory of a highway that in reality sacrifices its surrounding environment. Skyscrapers, industrial chimneys and oil refineries could be seen to the left and right. In contrast, a heap of dead wildlife lay in the middle of the highway, ran over.
Roadkill is a term for animals that fell victim to motorized vehicles on roads.

This painting invites the viewers to change the perspective of "development" by showing the cruelty of the highway for the sake of what so called “development”, and in so doing shows the mistake of non-environmentally friendly policies applied in the "development".
This illustration is based on a short story titled "Roadkill" that was written by Langit Lintang Samodra when he was 10 years old.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 0
  • Size : 150(W) x 100(H) x 2(D) cm
  • Materials : Acrylic on canvas
  • Method of packing : Ships in a CRATE
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 11


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Sari Nienaber

The panting says it all. One need no background story to understand what it tried to convey. Nice collaborative work
2017. 04. 11