Trupnaya station

Trupnaya station  by vlada shiyanova

vlada shiyanova

Instagram: divadesigne Well, my name is Vlada Shiyanova and it's safe to say that art saved my life, retained those life forces, those bright colors, which I was already ready to loose and gave a chance for an amazing life that I now see entirely different. When you feel that art has become part of you, you can't live without it. I try to draw always, everywhere and under all circumstances. even the selection of five minutes in the learning process to portray any thumbnail makes me happier. The eternal quest of inspiration confronted me with very interesting people. from them I received invaluable experience, because each of these people was incredible. These unusual individuals left in my life very important and unforgettable emotions. I am very grateful to them for that. I have changed a few art schools. but the most interesting and funny from all this is that I haven't graduated any of them. One lesson for me was quite enough to understand that I can't and don't want to act on someone else's orders. It disgusts me to limit my imagination, and in some art schools we had to do it, and it made me very impressed and the scared. My works are based on emotionally heavy factors that I worry about or experienced myself. and expression them in his paintings always saves me. So, thanks to everyone who likes my works. And I hope, they will please you and further.