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She #3


In 2014, Dadlan Afrelno began to create artworks by presenting images based on scan results of the human body. His work was exhibited for BAKABA group exhibition, processing the USG images of his wife's (Trien Afriza) pregnancy where the USG scan result was imbued with car symbols. Here I observed that Dadlan conveyed the reality that took place, although we cannot see with the naked eyes (must be helped by USG scan machine), what he dreamed of, a baby boy, which could be seen in the USG scan result. Dadlan then added his imagination on the fetus in the USG scan result as an image of a boy (the car symbol). Although a USG scan image does not exactly match the reality, but it was closer than mere imagination. Meanwhile in the symbol of car, the contrary applies; the car image comes from a reality, imaged to become something imaginative.
The next year, Dadlan made a progress by depicting images with a nearly similar method of the 2014 artworks. The artwork exhibited for ART JOG 8 had displayed effects from a sensor set to the audience. The artwork was a print on clear acrylic sheet with a skull engraved on it and a blue light, the work was hung to display in a specifically dark room. The light would turn on only when an audience approached the work. In this work Dadlan had played with layers of technique, method, and language of expression. The skull, obviously depicted human head. The effect when the blue light turned on changed the image of the head into something more, something with depth and more intimate. Furthermore, Dadlan still added a symbol of two butterflies on the skull's upper part by print on acrylic technique. The presence of the butterflies would yet again change our perception on the symbol of skull.
Right now, Dadlan returns with more flares, he is having his solo exhibition! I admire his spirit and consistency in creating artworks with similar methods in 2014 and 2015. The exhibited artworks still show scant/roentgen scan images of human body parts. There are 6 works being exhibited, all of them use light effects on the human body parts imageries. Three artworks are displayed on the wall, while the other three are hung in the center of the room.
  • Category : INSTALLATION
  • Year : 2016
  • Size : 160(W) x 60(H) x 5(D) cm
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 19

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