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Handmade box with charcoal drawing.

Handmade box with charcoal drawing.


I recently took up woodworking as an apprentice to a master carpenter to make ends meet. the art world is taking a major hit right now. Idk wtf is going on but realisim isn't in style right now. sucks for me. I wish we had a way to show multiple images on one post. cause there is so much to this. the box is oak. I found a huge piece in the woods that was dead and rotting. I used a planet to turn it into a board big enough to get the sides and. bottom, and use 1/2" birch plywood for the top. used a router to cut out the groove so the top sits flush and level. and I drew a vine dripping H20 on the top. this was the best pic to show a bit of it all. I lined it with black felt. it's a unique piece of art and was my very first solo wood project. the corners are cut at 45° the same as if you were making a frame and the bottom is sunk into it.
  • Category : OTHERS
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 7(W) x 9.5(H) x 3.7(D) inch
  • Materials : Wood salvaged from a fallen oak branch, birch plywood, charcoal
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 19

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Scott Anders

This is freaking beautiful man and very much hard fought art work .i have many industrial skills but rarely share here it’s just not the right forum for a work of this kind .i have found display of your work of this nature will find much appreciation if you can connect locally,one artist told me she gave up on online sales due to success from local customers also she told me if someone asks about your work be prepared to bombard them with examples to the point of annoying them ,turns out she gave me excellent advice
2018. 05. 06


Unique... I like it!
2017. 05. 24