Human interaction

Human interaction by Harry Arafat - human interaction
In this artwork, I explore moment of human interaction in daily life. this moment is the moment of stiff, tense and silent. Creation of the idea came from my self , when I meet people around and interaction between humans and the environment/nature.

The process of creation of this artwork, I caught a moment use the camera, transferred linenpaper and responded with watercolors. - photography, print_making, sculpture, new_media, transferimage, printmanual, uzzhowakarta, uzzrtakarta

Harry Arafat

My name is Harry Arafat from Indonesia. Currently living in Yogyakarta. Record is my way of interpreting What I see and experience in everyday environments becomes a real picture. A scene is a state or situation that is visible to the eye that occurs in a variety of conditions. In the course of finding (object), I wanted to get out of the grueling days and try to enter the weekend with ease. I travel to the sights and record each trip. according to the conditions, it was only a rampant anxiety and the resulting recording of the resulting image was blurred (unclear). the doubt made me think that the scene captured by the camera was original from the phrase that was felt at the time and I realized that the beautiful scenery is not only the obvious sight like the existing natural mountains, the sea and city buildings. Recorded Media Arts Indonesian +6281328367779