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World Civilization

World Civilization


World Civilization

In the digital age people are beginning to live behind the scenes, virtual realms become actual, ones virtual has now become real. Ease, speed brings pleasure which are supported by electronic network systems to amplify the systems online / connected.
In life behind the scenes this is now possible Almost all parts of data, policies, information and so on are all on behind the scene. Even crimes can be done behind the scenes. People who work in the real world are becoming increasingly cornered and marginalized
As if they were the abusive laborers who were the messengers for the world Actualize what is in the virtual world.

Those on the ground seem to be in control and control such as chess pawns only. The appreciation for their sweat and hard work will
The more extinct it might even fade. The real world seems to be a jungle only, Who become low caste or even become separate parts of each others. Everything conventional will be abandoned and considered wrong / not up to date again? of course not, surely the real world will be a fact for that dreamed / programmed in a virtual world.

Predictions of actual and virtual conflict should be have already begun to be prepared or at least reduce the possibilities the destruction of a conventional civilization that will be transformed by digital civilization. These clashes of civilization will continue to occur until one day already can not be overcome, there will be a physical conflict as a Inevitable inevitability. Do not like progress / do not like technology will be occur and conflicts of interest will continue to occur on all fronts. Lots of fictional movies / stories depicting / showing the end
From civilization or impact of technology and the real world. Top colonies culture can happen.

Synergy between virtual and actual since the beginning has been programmed into a mutually supportive and reinforcing system.
The importance of interdisciplinary and discriminatory between the groups is not may occur, because it will be a justification issue for the seizure of resources and domination / domination over all resources and potentials. The actual virtual and actual understanding of the beginning should be something can not be separated.

Tato Kastareja
Mobile: 081310050613
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 180(W) x 180(H) cm
  • Materials : Oil on Canvas
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 21

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Carrie Parker

This expressive work of art is manifested through its graphic contents which creates rough feeling.
2017. 05. 15