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"They call me The Wild Rose
But my name was Elisa Day
Why they call me it I do not know
For my name was Elisa Day" (-Where The Wild Roses Grow)

My work "Elisa" was inspired from the muse behind the murder ballad "Where The Wild Roses Grow". It was a tale between a beautiful woman whom the urban legend called "The Wild Rose" and her lover who eventually killed her out of obsession and madness. Whether this urban legend remains a legend, mystery, true or not, in real life, there are many innocent Elisa Day of this world being killed out of violence. Violence is not beauty and must not add ugliness to the world.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 0
  • Size : 18(W) x 24(H) x 1(D) inch
  • Materials : Oil on Linen
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 04

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Christine Sioco

I reflected on this work which tackles aggression/violence on women at war conflicted areas happening not just in my country's backyard but to other parts of the world. I attempt not to put in canvas word by word pre created or created by myself and by would be audience but portray symbols. Thanks for your wonderful comment.
2017. 09. 10

Heather Strickland

The symbolic style is being depicted with feminist content but it seems to induce aggressive emotion.
2017. 07. 25

Christine Sioco

Thank you. Even I, was amazed with the result of my work. 😁
2017. 07. 09

Billy Park

This painting expresses vivid style through its romantic content, and it gives me the inspiring feeling.
2017. 07. 04