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The robot is an original character of mine, he has no name but yeah it's mine. Anyway, before I made this one, I wanted to draw something that plays with light. Because light makes the magic in visual arts. So I wanted to try something like that. This one, the robot was supposed to be holding a glowing balloon, well it looks like it anyway. Once I made the glowing balloon into life, I started playing with the glows and lighting around the robot, but it felt incomplete. I wanted to add some fireflies, because, for me, they look like magic and feel like magic. Their glow makes you want to touch the stars in front of you. Once I stared adding some fireflies into the mix, it felt missing, still. I had a wild idea of putting some bokeh in the background and see how it goes. I played with the lights and make it feel photo-realistic as much as possible. It was hard to find the right mix of to blend in all the lighting and colors to make it look like that. Anyway, i hope you enjoy my artworks here and please do share them all.

I just hope that Bbuzzart doesn't delete these because they deleted some of my original artworks here. I don't know why but can somebody explain to me, if you may? Thank you!
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2016
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 06

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