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The Onion


i made this as an abstract out of a movie theater ceiling they only had the one layer of solid metal.I added color and layerd the ceiling for a depth or three d ,feel .it made me think about how life is like this layers amd layers that seem the same but really they are not ,we need to see how we are changing or else we will surely lose oursleves and be unrecognizable after awhile .In that there is a real danger .we must check ourselves before we....well wreck ourselves...
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 12

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Bruno Caputo

I am fond of the futurist style putting together with imaginative contents and liberating feeling.
2017. 09. 25

Anwar Khan

It is fascinating to see genuine contents combined with aggressive emotion. The style seems to be extreme.
2017. 07. 22

Beverly J. Lincoln

The distinct style of this piece is well depicted through its contrasting contents that are rather outrageous. The overall feeling of this artwork is somewhat warm.very good
2017. 07. 14

Beverly J. Lincoln

The artist brings out ethnic style with profound contents and overwhelming mood in this art.yes
2017. 07. 14