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by beauty of model Elsa Hosk
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 29(W) x 42(H) cm
  • Materials : watercolor, pencils, pastel
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 15

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The pictorial symphony of this painting’s balanced style and profound contents embodies its lively feeling.
2017. 10. 09

Jose Miguel Fortunatti

All the elements of this artwork makes its style expressive. The content is quite candid with its dreamy feeling.
2017. 09. 26

Kishan Dubey

I like the vivid style of this art. Its mundane contents creates the inspiring mood in this piece.
2017. 09. 25

Suman Raaj

2017. 09. 20

Rajnish Kumarhjp

This artwork’s vivid style is conveyed with its mundane contents creating restricted feeling in general.
2017. 09. 20

Mohmmad Subhan Alam

The witty contents and obscure style are fused together to trigger the bizarre emotion.
2017. 09. 20

Varinder Thakur Vee-pee

I think the style of this artwork is delicate and the contents are fairly romantic. Overall it feels rather warm.
2017. 09. 19

Stanley Twala

This work’s symbolic style is developed by dramatic contents which creates the creative thing I like it
2017. 09. 18

Nushad Nushad

The conceptual contents of this artwork is well characterized through its obscure style convincing the audience to experience the warm emotion.
2017. 09. 18

Bhavin Dhola

2017. 09. 18

Tulsi Narayan Choudhary

The style of this piece is futurist and its contents seem a little depressing. These aspects come together to create the creative mood in this art.
2017. 09. 18

Guna Gopi

The style is quite futurist and the contents are mythical. I like how different aspects in this artworks comes together to create dull feeling.ohhj6ity 8gfj8opg
2017. 09. 16

Emelyn Villo

A fair depiction of authentic style with romantic contents is expressed through the beautiful atmosphere.
2017. 09. 14

Khan Asif Lucknow Nawaab

2017. 09. 13

Jitenbhbai Jahrhd

The combination of manipulative style and insulting contents of this art creates the dull emotion.
2017. 09. 13