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Reflecting Triangle

Reflecting Triangle


Paris, Louvre
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2017
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 22

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Avi Andelkar

I find the style to be plain and contents offensive. These elements in the art create the deep atmosphere for the viewer.hduuikekeU2jj do tub is to Odin isthmus PW qui yo six go us so if so
2017. 08. 01

Yogi Firnando

The ethnic style driven from the insulting induces the rough impression from the audience.
2017. 07. 29

Jay Sing

Every element in this piece contributes to create liberating feeling. The mythical contents and symmetrical style adds an extra vibe to this piece.
2017. 07. 25

Charija Sahibil

To me, this artwork seems to represent balanced style with its genuine contents leading to bring out calm mood.
2017. 07. 25

livia proto

It's made of glass and metal I think it's in Louvre Paris @Scott Anders
2017. 07. 24

Scott Anders

I really love this ,is it all metal?and cables ?id like to try something like this with turn buckles and airplane cables .a much smaller scale of course .haha
2017. 07. 24