to the wind

to the wind by Ari Kwon - While expressing the psychological content latent repressive inside the consciousness in a metaphorical manner, this illustrated about these characteristics of the relationship of the contemporary people as an image space of an emotional compromise soothing the unconscious wounds, in conjunction with the social psychology of the contemporaries, focused on their condensed inner world, the sense of critical problem, the psychological loss and loneliness and the psychology of anxiety and deviation. - artstagesingapore, Dream, dreamlike, dreamy, ego, fantastic, fantasy, flowers, koreanpainting, love2018, lyrical, painting, paper, peaceful, poetic, spring, stare, surreal

Ari Kwon Based in South KOREA Major in oriental painting Hi, my name is Ario. Based on the Oriental tradition of healing in the heart of the mind, I am working to resolve my thoughts in space. Space transcends the consciousness of consciousness in reality and in the world of consciousness, in which the space opens up in space, in the open space, in the open space, in the hills, in the land, in the hills, and in the space, and in the shape of space and space, and in the shape of space and space. This is a pervasive influence in the inner atmosphere of the mind, which is the result of an internal calm, a pervasive desire to rest in the hope of being able to rest in peace, through the impression of an individual, in the mind of the experiencing self, and the mental imagery of the mental imagery. Wanting to portray the unconscious world of loneliness and despair from reality, he always troubles himself to express his feelings and desires to express himself in the hope that he may direct himself to the mirror of loneliness and despair through pictures of loneliness and despair hidden behind the scenes of solitude and despair.