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Until death, do us apart.

Until death, do us apart.


The death of a loved one.

  • Category : DRAWING
  • Materials : Pencil
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 30

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Ionut Barbu

This artwork is in its expressive style and humanistic contents, together it creates dreamy atmosphere.
2017. 10. 04

Baky Red

The crude style depicts the general idea of sensual contents very well. The overall mood seems more exotic to me.
2017. 10. 02

Joomi Lee

#mortality #mementomori #halloween
2017. 10. 02

Николай Дураков

The ethnic style, humanistic contents and peaceful atmosphere cooperates together to form an extraordinary piece of work.
2017. 09. 30

Clara Shin

#surreal #scary #emotional
2017. 09. 29

ruben arce

This artwork has vivid style with its dramatic contents creating tragic mood in general.
2017. 09. 27

Smarty Kaler

I think the style of this artwork is animated and the contents are fairly romantic. Overall it feels rather subtle.
2017. 09. 20

Rajput Singh

I really like this artwork. The style is quite pop with realistic contents. The overall mood seems to be somewhat deep.
2017. 09. 20

Muhammet Şen

2017. 08. 12


@Rajwinder DhillOn thanks man 👊🏻
2017. 07. 30

Rajwinder DhillOn

The first impression of this art is rather pop. Definitely, I like its mundane contents and mysterious tone.
2017. 07. 30