Hera by Marina SaMont

Marina SaMont

About me I’m a Mexican artist, living and working in the beautiful city of mountains, Monterrey. Inspired by Romanticism, Realism, and Mythology I have found my way through art. Another source of inspiration is listening to classical music and watching artworks of my favorites artists, examining how could they manage to get those beautiful shades and colors and always trying to learn from them. How my story begins... I started at age of 6 after my parents noticed that I was really good with my crayons. They thought it would be a great time for me to start a beautiful hobby or even a career in art. My first teacher helped me a lot to figure out my way of handling pencils, pastels, and brushes. She taught me a lot of colors and combinations and the basic techniques of shadows with pencils, Prismacolor, and pastels. A few years later I started with oils and acrylics with another local teacher and just practicing a lot on my own by painting small personal reproductions of old masters like DaVinci, Caravaggio, Michelangelo. Then I just realized how much I LOVE to draw and mostly paint the human figure, the muscles, the shadows and lights that are reflected in every part of the body! So I order some books, subscribed to online art programs and online schools to know more about figurative techniques taught by professionals. As a self-taught artist, I realize it’s been fun to learn from a lot of teachers with different methods being oils my favorite media.