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the Moon rises high

the Moon rises high


While expressing the psychological content latent repressive inside the consciousness in a metaphorical manner, this illustrated about these characteristics of the relationship of the contemporary people as an image space of an emotional compromise soothing the unconscious wounds, in conjunction with the social psychology of the contemporaries, focused on their condensed inner world, the sense of critical problem, the psychological loss and loneliness and the psychology of anxiety and deviation.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2013
  • Total Edition No : 0
  • Size : 45(W) x 53(H) x 3(D) cm
  • Materials : painting on koreanpaper
  • Posting : 2017. 08. 19

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Ragz2Richz/Designing Life Angela White

I like this, the use of contrasting shapes from line to circulars I'd very well done, and the contracting negative and positive space is artfully balanced, with the design it's amazing that it doesn't seem unbalanced! You have fond exceptionally well with this piece!
2018. 11. 06

Michael Knight

The abstract style is well expressed with graphic contents. I find it interesting that this artwork induces mysterious emotions.
2017. 10. 03

Vicky Gupta

The style of this painting is structural with witty contents. This combination generates amusing aura.
2017. 08. 23

Rio Jeradu

The style is quite manipulative and the contents are fairy candid. Together it is creating an atmosphere that can be seen as mysterious.
2017. 08. 22