red land

red land by jenny Bae

jenny Bae

Profile_ My name is Bae Jeong In. I'm Korean Artist. I liked drawing pictures when I was young. I love nature and I love painting nature. < Artistic inspriation > Currently, serious problems are being raised, such as the destruction of nature on Earth and the ecological balance of the ecosystem. Modern people, who are alienated from nature due to urban development, are increasingly suffering from psychological illnesses such as loneliness and depression. I can't forget the wonders of nature I received when I was young. Nature made me optimistic, and when I was in nature, I felt tranquil and warm. Much psychological consideration has been made. I became interested in the healing power and vitality of nature and learned about how precious nature is. I could feel the vitality of nature mainly through tropical plants, grasslands, and earth. I want to reconstruct my own life and make my own 'Utopia', and I hope the viewer sees life and catharsis in that space. My Utopia is a place of paradise, a place where I feel free to feel and love nature. Let's hope to comfort people by offering such a space.b