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Dreaming 2


Everyone thinks of their own ideal world. Just like others, I always dream of my own Utopia whenever I want to run away from dull and repeated daily routine. This series is visualized art work of my imaginative world I dreamed of. I went trips to get rid of my pains from reality, but those travels could not make me forget of all underlying problems I had. Then I came up to design my own planet in outer space to describe my ideas about "Life". Colours of the series were influenced by sentiment. I used very dark colours when I felt down or depressed and painting was my sole consolation. After that, I tried brighter colours and different materials or textures to make a change. Surely it would be quite personal and subjective process to analyze someone's work but I hope viewers to understand my intention and sympathaize with it. In addition, if my works give some comfort to people it will be the most thrilling part of my art activities.

  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2016
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 80.3(W) x 116(H) x 2(D) cm
  • Materials : mixmedia on Jang-ji
  • Posting : 2017. 10. 11

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MJ Yoo

2017. 10. 11