woolscape-color by Jaeyoung Park

Jaeyoung Park

Exhibition Profile AUCTION 2007. May Christie’s (Hong Kong) ART FAIR AHAF Seoul 2018. AFFORDABLE ART FAIR 2018. DOORS ARTFAIR 2015. KIAF2007. MANIF10!04 SOLO Exhibition 2018. Woolscape- Four Seasons(CICA museum/ Seoul, Korea) Woolscape- Visual Paradox ( Gallery KNOT/ Seoul, Korea ) 2007. 'painting thread'(Gallery Hyundai-Windows Gallery/ Seoul, Korea) 2006. 'painting thread' (Gallery wooduk/ vitation a preview, Seoul, Korea) 2004. 'painting thread' (Kwanhoon Gallery/ Seoul, Korea) MANIF10!04 (Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Canter/ Seoul, Korea) GROUP Exhibition 2018. ‘ Knot Prize Excellent Artist’- exhibition(Gallery KNOT/ Seoul, Korea) Pyeongchang Culture Olympics <Art banner Exhibition- ALL. CONNECTED> 'Seolipul art for art' exhibition(KEPCO Art Center/ Seoul, Korea) 2017. 'Between cool and passion' (Krim Gallery/ Plan/ Changwon, Korea) 2017. 'Korean art support project vol.2' (Sejong Cultural Center/ Seoul, Korea) 2016. 60th Anniversary Exhibition of Chung-Ang University 'Drgon scales 2016' (Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Canter/ Seoul, Korea) 2015. 'Segments and Continuations' (Next Door Gallery/ Seoul, Korea) 2013. 'Who is Who?' (Lotte Gallery/ ilsan, Korea) 2012. 'Who is Who?' (palais de seoul Gallery,/ Seoul, Korea) 2011. 'Disciples of the Wind' (Insa Art Center/ Seoul, Korea) 2010. 'Wonderful Pictures' (ilmin museum/ Seoul, Korea) 2009. 'Ha Ha art museum" (Jinshan Gallery/ Heyri, Korea) 'Emerging Artists' (Urban Art/ Seoul, Korea) AWARDS 2018. ‘ Knot Prize Excellent Artist’/ CICA museum 2018 Young Artist Selection/ Grand Art Exhibition of Korea-Selection(three time)/ 'Seolipul art for art' Exhibition- Selection/ Gusangjeon Exhibition-Selection/ Song-eun Exhibition–Selection/ Sosabeol Fine Art's Festival-Special Selection/ Selection COLLECTION Korean Yakult Building/Kwanhoon Gallery/ Busan 000 Hotel, and Private collection